03 May 2014

Two Doors Down by Lisa Marie - Book Review

Melanie 'Mel' Taylor was ready for her new life with her young son. Newly divorced after twelve years, she wants to discover who she really is and is eager to start. When Zack Conrad offers to help make sense out of the mess in her apartment, she's a little surprised at the attraction she feels. After all, she's a thirty-one-year-old mother and he's a twenty-two-year-old college student. Mel is determined to resist his charms, but soon attraction bubbles into passion and there's suddenly no going back. But her fear of getting hurt and a little meddling from her mother doom the relationship just as it starts. Mel's forced to decide between doing what is safe or risking it all for perhaps the greatest love of her life.
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Mel Taylor’s husband had just left her for a younger woman that is almost half his age. Recently divorced, she was ready to take life by a storm with her ten-year old son. For twelve years, she had been a good, dutiful wife – and all of a sudden, her marriage was crumbling. She couldn’t even get a support from her mother who think she’s doing it all wrong. She was the only one who has gotten a divorce in the family, and it wasn’t pleasing her mom.

Then there’s Zack Conrad, the young theater/music student who offered his help on her first day in their new apartment. The attraction was already present – but heck – he was younger than her by almost a decade! She’s 31, and he’s 22. How can he possibly want her?!

But surprise, surprise, Zack likes this woman who thinks little of herself, listens to what other says rather than her own heart and the greatest mom to her kid. No matter how much she tries to resist him, he was determined to make her see how special she is.

When she finally gave in, sparks flew, grew hot and ignite. There was no stopping them… until her mother gave her a visit and once again questioned her choices. Arghhhh…. Frustrating. I hated this part of Mel. I mean, she was a great mother, and an awesome friend, but she’s thirty-one, capable of making her own decisions, why let her mother affect her choices, I really don’t know. Although divorcing her ex was a point to her despite all her mother’s objection.

Zack was perfect for her – he may be young, but he adores her, and most especially care for her son. When she decided to give in to her mother’s advice, and her own insecurities, I can hear hearts breaking, and she may be doing the stupidest decision in her entire life: letting go of someone who genuinely cares and desires you despite all circumstances and imperfections. Zack wanted her, but until when can he be patient with her? Her indecisiveness was killing their relationship before it even started.

Surprisingly, I learned to like her ex as well – what he did, checking up on her during the time she needed a friend the most was to prove that somewhere there, he still cares for her.

It’s a short, steamy, sweet love story that I read in one sitting. It tells of finding love during the time you least expect it, and with the person you least expect the most…

To end, I don’t think age really matters in love. As long as you share the same emotions towards each other and let the rest of the world think what they like and you’re not hurting anyone – follow your heart and be happy. 

✪Complimentary Copy was provided via NetGalley exchange for an honest review.✪

Lisa Marie lives in Maryland with her husband, two kids, mom and assorted animals. Lisa worked for two years in an online writing community, honing her skills until she felt confident enough to try her hand at getting published. When she?s not writing or working at her day job, Lisa likes to read, play video games and has an unapologetic addiction to CSI.

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