26 May 2014

No Place Like Home by DeAnna Holland - Book Review

“Whether the system works or it doesn’t, it didn’t work for me…”

Having just aged out of foster care, eighteen-year-old Jules finds herself homeless and broke. Shortly after her eighteenth birthday, she’s sent packing with very little money and very few personal belongings. However, with her social worker’s help, she finds a place that she can call home—temporarily. But growing up in foster care has left her emotionally scarred, and opening up to people and letting them in is not something she ever wants to do again.

Until she meets Jake. The attraction is almost instant, and he is someone she can definitely see herself falling for. But Jules quickly discovers that everything is not always as it seems, and people are rarely who they appear to be. After learning the truth about Jake, she wants nothing more to do with him. But Jake is captivated by Jules—not just because of her mesmerizing hazel eyes, but because she has unwavering strength despite the unfortunate life she’s had—and he’s not letting go that easily. He’s determined to win her heart, and with each passing day he shreds more of her resolve. With Jake’s help, Jules soon discovers that—even though she has spent most of her life parentless and homeless—there’s no place like home…
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What happens after the system drops you?

At 18, Jules found herself out of the system – no home, no money and no job. She was lost, but she was holding out a brave front. Good thing, her social worker helped her and found her a place to call home, even if temporarily. However, growing up in a system that destroyed everything you have been dreaming of and shattered your trust thoroughly can be an emotionally-scarring experience. Walls are built around your heart, and trust is not given away freely – so opening up to people and letting them in, most especially trusting them was out of the question.

Jules can only trust herself.

Then Jake came along on that same day, the chemistry ignited in an instant, and he was the type of person who can charm her walls down. UNTIL, an incident had brought them together, and had once again upped her walls, and double-locked her heart. But Jake wanted Jules, never mind the circumstances. She completes him, she makes him feel something, he was mesmerized by her. Her strength, beauty and courage after all she had been through just made his attraction to her grow stronger, they might have started on the wrong foot, but he was willing to work his way into her heart. He was so determined that her resolve was starting to break, and before she knows it, she was falling…

It was hard to let go of a painful trust and just put it on another person. So I fully understand Jules why it broke her when she discovered about Jake. Heck. I hated Jake when I knew. How dare he! I had an inclination who he is, and it was no surprise to find out, nevertheless, I was glad he came into her life, and most especially that his mom came into her life. They were everything she needed. And his younger brother, who despite his potty mouth, I completely adore;  and  there’s Liz (I wish she too would have her story!), she became a friend to Jules, and she was there when she was needed (except when her douche of a boyfriend would call) – she may be a complete opposite of her, but she was what exactly Jules needed in her life: a sunshine.

Her social worker? She was a great woman who had the compassion to help. The system needs more people like her who is in for the people they could help and not for the money. Everyone in the system could benefit from people like her – who sees these children for their potential, and their need for comfort and security.

Although I hated him at first, he completely redeemed himself with his songs. It was hard not to fall in love with, he was understanding and I love those small little things he would do for Jules. Jake can be a potential heartbreaker and doesn’t have a good history with relationships, but she was IT for him. And he would do anything to be with her forever.  First, she needed to let go of her past to embrace their future together.

I finished this book in one sitting and was really excited to give my review. I love the characters, the plot and the pacing. Her debut novel had me hooked, and totally in love. If this is her first book and it had me swooning, I can’t wait what her future work entails! 

✪Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.✪

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