29 May 2014

Last Second Chance by Caisey Quinn - Blog Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

When Stella Jo Chandler gets an offer to work at the Second Chance Ranch celebrity rehab facility right after graduating from Texas A&M, she’s tempted to turn it down. She wants to help real people with real problems, not spoiled celebrities going on vacation for publicity. But growing up on her family’s ranch left her with a love of horses that draws her to the opportunity. How bad can babysitting a bunch of strung out celebrities be?

What she didn’t count on was being roped into a tangled mess with infamous rocker and three-time rehab drop out Van Ransom on her first day. And she sure didn’t expect to feel the overwhelming attraction that pulls her to the man who has more issues than she can count on both hands. Like the hotel rooms and tour buses he’s famous for trashing, the havoc he could wreak on Stella’s heart would be irreparable.

Van isn’t at Second Chance for publicity or because he’s suffering from “exhaustion”. He’s on the brink of destruction, and he needs the kind of help Stella isn’t sure she can give. But without her, he'll lose everything. Because he’s on his last second chance.
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Stella Jo Chandler could have been a great rider- if not for an accident. Since then, she had not been on a horse, and preferred to stay away from the ranch. She concentrated on school works, and her grades, and although she’ll graduate with honors – her life was still somewhat void. Her ex-boyfriend just hooked up with her roommate and they were so happy with each other. She didn’t really miss him, but she missed the feeling of having someone to be with. Right after graduation, she was offered to work at Second Chance Ranch celebrity rehab facility, although she wanted to turn it down badly, she decided to accept it – be around the thing that she loved most even as a kid – horses. She thought she was stuck babysitting celebrities who wants to lie low from the press, or just having a vacation – until she meets Van Ransom.

Booze, Drugs and Sex – he had tried them all, abused them all, and now, he needs to clean up his act. He had been in and out of rehab, and was kicked-out three times. This time, he need to make good with it because if not, he’s going to lose a contract that have been all dying to have. But the celebration turned out to be a tragedy when he ended up in the hospital with an ultimatum to sober up.

It was instant attraction, with fireworks just blowing up all over the place. I can actually feel my skin tingle on their first stare-match. OMG. Sexual tension is just soooo overwhelming it leaps out of thee pages. But she was not the type of girl he was accustomed to – this girl was nice, and deserved more than what he can offer. Broken soul, sordid past, unsure future – he has actually nothing. He tried to stop it at first, but the pull was too much for him to ignore it. His dirty talks were epic! Gahd, I love this man!

Stella too has her issues – she grew up with some money, but her father wasn’t just there and her mother was too busy into making her into the woman she wanted. So when the real reason about their actions were uncovered, I almost hear myself gasp in surprise, one of those WTF-moments, I really didn’t see it coming. But at least I understood where the parents are coming from. It was heartbreaking to hear, but looking at her parents – I can say that it was love, a deep profound, love that had pushed them to do it.

Second Chances – it was something both needed from their lives. But before any of them can have it, they needed to face their pasts and fight their demons. It wasn’t an ideal place to start something, but meeting there was like fate, they needed each other. They were playing with fire though with the no-fraternizing policy. They took the risk, and when all hell broke lose – I was just so proud of Stella. The letter – I could not understand what it did to my insides, it was ripping my heart at the same time I was smiling. Because this girl – it was also breaking her that she was writing it, but at the same time, she was wise enough to let him go, for now.  Gaahd. It was just beautiful, and admittedly, it scared me witless about the ending. Because no matter how beautiful the letter was, and no much it was healthier for them to let each other go, I still want my happy ending!

I have loved Caisey Quinn since I got a hold of her Keep Me Still Series, and I have high expectations for this book – good thing that it didn’t disappoint. Once I started it, it was hard to put down. Last Second Chance is an engaging read about second chances, love, forgiveness and moving on.

Last Second Chance would burn your sheets with its hotness, make you swoon in its romance and would have you glued to your readers. Jaw-dropping secrets and unforeseen twist will make you read this novel until you finally reach the end page, wishing and hoping for the happy ending these characters well-deserved. I totally enjoyed it, fell in love with it and would highly recommend it to my friends.

✪Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.✪

“Tell me. Tell me how you feel.”

His hand reached over and clasped the riding crop. She couldn’t stand the thought of letting him hit her with it again if he wasn’t going to finish what he’d started.

“I feel pissed, all right? And if you hit me with that fucking thing one more time and do not let me come, then you better leave me tied up.”

His answering grin made her want to slap his face. “What do you want to do to me right now?”

“Slap you. Hard,” she answered honestly as hot tears filled her eyes.

“But you can’t, can you?” The gleam in his eyes further ignited her fury. Her chest heaved, bringing her breasts into her own line of sight.

“No. I can’t. But I doubt you plan to leave me like this forever.” She would’ve shrugged to feign nonchalance if it were physically possible.

“Tell me what you’re going to do when and if I untie you.” He stared down at her, clearly exerting his dominance.

Just as she opened her mouth to answer, he thrust two fingers roughly inside her.

“Oh!” she cried out unexpectedly.

“Tell me or I stop,” he said, plunging in and out steadily.

“I need to know… I need to know where this is going,” she whispered as she fought for breath. She had no idea how much more her body could take. His arm flexed as he controlled every bit of her pleasure with his hand. Licking his lips, his eyes met hers.

“Seriously? I think a better question might be where is it not going. And whether or not I plan to untie you.”

Caisey Quinn lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, daughter, and other assorted animals. She is the bestselling author of the Kylie Ryans series as well as several New and Young Adult Romance novels featuring country girls finding love in unexpected places. You can find her online at www.caiseyquinnwrites.com. 

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