16 May 2014

Blissful Surrender by B.J. Harvey - Book Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

This is a story of Sean Miller, a dom that will have your panties diving for cover with an eyebrow quirk. That will have even the strongest woman dropping to their knees in submission with a piercing stare, and Samantha Richards, a female cop who’s tough, seemingly impenetrable shell is strong enough to resist everyone except the one man it was build up to protect her against.

**Disclaimer – If you thought the first two Bliss books were hot, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Creative use of handcuffs, batons, a club scene you have to read to believe, and a tough as nails dominant who is blindsided when the one woman strong enough to disarm him threatens his resolve not to let his past dictate his future.**

Like the other books in the Bliss series, this book can be read as a stand alone. There are common characters in the books but it is not necessary to read the first two books in the series to read this one.
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I have known Sean since the first book. I like him already- he’s hot, intense and an alpha through and through. What I didn’t know then is that this man who is rich, famous and can have any woman on his lap has been in love and shattered before.

Samantha Richards – this girl is HOT. She’s a tough cookie and you wouldn’t want to mess with her – she’s a cop, and she’s good with her job. What she didn’t expect that her job would pave way for her to once again cross-paths with an old flame who had ruin her for other men. Sean Miller had been the love of her life, and had allowed her to experience everything, until she ruined it all. No thanks to her mother (argh!).

Make Up Sex à you think you have read it all, you have experienced it, you have seen it – but you have not seen nothing yet. Sean Miller sure knows how to deliver, and knows exactly what to do to make you stay in bed all day long, and make you realize what have you been missing all this time.

But more than just the sex that can make your world spin, Blissful Surrender is a story of two lovers who are once again brought together by fate. She left him during the time that he needed her most, and it broke him apart. Through the years, his love for her stayed. It never went away, so when they finally met – sparks (as well as clothes) once again flew. Sam was his other half, she was beautiful, independent, but willing to be dominated inside the bedroom. She knows his quirks and accepted him for it – but one decision had brought an end to their near-perfect relationship.

Now, they are given another chance to right what is wrong. For him to finally know the reason why she left him all of a sudden, and for her to finally explain. And I thought it would take some time, and some push before they end up into each other’s arms – but I was so wrong. Sean had let her go in the past, he isn’t letting her go now. I’m glad they didn’t waste the chance that has been given to them. There had been bumps, but in the end all is well.

This is exactly what I expected it to be: the hottest among the three books in the series, and I can still feel my insides quivering from all the steamy excitement this guy brought on. Once I started it, I just couldn’t put it down. Second chances + steamy-not-so-kinky-uber-hot-scenes = definitely tops my favorite list, and Blissful Surrender just gave me that, with toppings on top. 

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