02 August 2013

Off the Clock by Kenzie Michaels - Book Tour, Book Review, Excerpt

Off the Clock
by Kenzie Michaels

Austin Harmon is intrigued by his quiet, efficient new administrative assistant. Why does she have an obsession with her watch, and what does she do after hours?

Cara has put her social life on hold while caring for her elderly mother. But after her boss helps her through a crisis, she can't deny their attraction. Romance and Alzheimer's don't mix... or do they?

Cara is the ultimate daughter. She had been taking care of her mother with Alzheimer's Disease. It has been eating her time, so her social life and her love life was pretty non existent. After work, she would directly go home and she'd checked up on her mom even at work. It doesn't help when her brother pretty much likes to wipe her cash out. 

It wasn't until a colleague mentioned to Austin about his assistant. Yes, she was quiet but Cara has always been efficient and attractive too. But he already had a bad experience with having a relationship with someone he works with. Yet, he knew that she was different. There was something about her that pulls him towards her.   

It was a crisis that brought them together, Austin finally get a glimpse of her life. He finally understood why she was always in a hurry to go home, or whom does she call every now and then. It was then he realized that Cara might be strong, but she also needed someone. Even the strongest people needed someone to take care of them. That someone could be him. :) 

It was short, and I was surprised that it had everything covered. I have finished it in one sitting, I would have love it even more it was longer. Nevertheless, it's short, sweet, and easy to the heart.


Austin captured her once inside the darkened office and swung her into his arms for another kiss. Her shoes hit the floor as she moaned, and felt his tongue slip past her teeth.

Cara struggled and tore her mouth from his. “Wait. This can’t be happening.”

“Why not? I’ve enjoyed the past two weeks of getting to know you. I’d like to get to know you a little better, that’s all.” Austin pulled her back and covered her mouth with his.

She hesitated a moment. How long had it been since her last kiss? It’d been two years since David had broken up with her, not understanding her responsibilities to her mother. With a muffled groan, Cara tossed her purse to the floor and twined her arms around his neck. Moisture pooled between her thighs as his tongue explored the corners of her mouth. She eagerly returned the kiss, and was rewarded when one of Austin’s hands slid upwards to palm her breast. Cara didn’t pull away; soon his cool fingers slid inside her bodice and nudged the lace of her bra aside. She moaned when he rolled the nipple between two fingers and pressed herself closer to him. Dimly in the background, she heard the vague tones of Bette Midler singing “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

“Wait. My phone’s ringing. Austin,” she pleaded and forced herself to pull away.

“Can’t you ignore it?” He panted, reaching for her waist.

“I can’t. This one is important.”

Kenzie Michaels resides in the Midwest with her husband, three children, and various household pets. She is the 'wild child' of author Molly Daniels. They cohabitate nicely inside the brain of a woman in Indiana who's the mother of three and 'Aunt Molly' to the entire neighborhood. A devout chocoholic, her hubby has learned to watch out when the characters in her head take over and not get too upset when the words are flowing and all concept of time is lost. (LOL)

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  1. I love reading short books that pack a punch. This is certainly going on my TBR pile!

    daringzoey at yahoo.com

  2. Thank you for the review, it sounds like a good read. I like the premise of the book.


    1. My mom read it last night and really enjoyed it:) But yeah, she's a little biased, lol!

  3. Thanks for the review! I love hearing more about the stories from people who've actually read it!

    andralynn7 AT gmail dot com

    1. Thanks Andra:) I hope you do get the chance to read it!

  4. What could have been so important as to stop right there???

    Thank you for your review.


    1. Heh heh heh....You'll have to read more to find out:) Thanks for stopping by Mary!

  5. Talk about romance interruptus! Tough break for the new couple.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

    1. LOL....it wasn't quite time for The Act, ha ha!

  6. Thanks for stopping by everyone! The hotel internet would not let me on last night, so I'm sorry it's taken me 24 hours to respond. I'll be picking today's winner, as well as the Grand Prize winners in a little while.

    This has been a wonderful week, so big thanks to all who commented, reviewed, and read my 6th 'baby'. It really means a lot to me.

  7. Congratulations Mary:) You're today's winner! I'll be contacting you shortly.

    Thank you all so much:)