05 August 2013

Everybody Falls by J.A. Hornbuckle - Book Tour, Book Review

Date Published: 6/14/2013

At 25, Jax Wynter lost his life.

As the youngest member of America's number one rock band, Wynter's Vicious, Jax lived a life with no rules or responsibilities. At least until his older brother, founding member and vocalist, died in a fiery car crash. Jobless, clueless and deemed unfit to handle his own affairs, Jax must sober up, man up and adjust to living as a 'normal person' in the 'real world'.

At 24, Lacey Emerson found hers.

Shuffled between her bi-polar mom and her former hippie grandmother, Lacey had no choice but to become  responsible at a young age. Her chaotic childhood, though, gave her the skills and determination to succeed when she inherited her grandmother's bakery. Her life was finally normal, real but very, very boring.

All it took was a five-point face plant to turn both their lives upside down.

From the author of Pole Dance, Human Hieroglyphix I & II and Tap Dance, comes the new novel, "Everybody Falls", Book One of Wynter's Vicious Series. Set in the beautiful town of Auburn, California and filled with a cast of quirky characters, it’s a story about learning to live, learning to love and learning to hold on when your brand of 'normal' comes undone.

Sometimes you have to fall from grace before you can fall in love.

I don't know why the first scenes reminded me of Silver Linings. Maybe it's because Jax was running on the first scene, and he was trying to get himself a new life. You can feel his struggle, and that somehow, he made it through the days alive. At a young age of 25, he had lost his brother, his career and was living under his grandma's roof. It was the death of his brother that had brought him to the brink. When he finally checked into rehab, and months later was discharged under the care of his grandmother - things started to change. He's now trying to be normal, remain normal in the real world. 

Lacey, on the other hand, was forced to grew up early. Her mother was suffering from bipolar disorder, not to mention, she's constantly high and paraded a lot of boyfriends in front of her, Lacey was forced to be the grown up in their household. Her not-so-nice childhood became her inspiration to make her life better, especially when she inherited her grandmother's bakery. Everything was in place, but something else was lacking. 

Their first meeting? Totally EPIC! (And I'm really sorry I laughed, kinda rude, but it was pretty funny!)

He was already warned that being involved with someone when he's still 'healing' is not wise. But the pull between them is just too potent to ignore. It was refreshing to be with someone who doesn't know him, who wants him for him. Lacey is that. She wanted Jack, and not Jax. She could make him laugh, feel these totally foreign emotions that was new to him and oh, before I forget, she made him hot for him. She didn't even have to do anything! But what if Lacey found out about his secret? Would she still stay with him?

Jax may have lost everything in this world when his career spiraled down, but he has his grandmother. And she was really, really amazing! His relationship with her is probably the only thing that kept him sane before he met Lacey. She helped him stay grounded and gave him all those 'wise advice' before his date with Lacey:
"Be yourself, don't use too much spit when you stick your tongue in her mouth, and always use a condom."
Don't you just love her???!!! :) She's my favorite among all characters!!! So when he lost her, its no wonder his life went down the drain, and not even Lacey could keep him up. Suddenly their love was not enough, he wanted to be alone, wallow himself in grief and pity. Lacey wanted to be there for him, but he kept pushing her away. She didn't mind at first, until he said some things that struck Lacey - it was hurtful, insulting, and at this point in the book I totally hated him. How can he do that to her? I thought he loved her? 

When the grief finally subsides, or when he decides to straighten up his life, can he make it up to her? Or would he allow himself to be swallowed whole by grief and once again be drowned in drugs and booze? 

Wow. I have not expected that the novel would turn out that way. I was surprised, mesmerized, and heartbroken by the turn of events. Who would have thought that this novel can be so emotional? I cried, laugh, touched, fell in love, got my heart broken to the point that I never thought they two would have their HEA. Just like their first meeting, Everybody falls is an EPIC read! My first JA Hornbuckle novel and I'm totally blown! 


Even as a young girl, J.A. couldn't wait to read.   In fact, her first real temper tantrum was at the end of first grade when she realized that unless the book or magazine included the words, "Dick", "Jane" or "Spot", she was still at a loss.  

The thirst for the written word has never left her.

But after reading three crap books in a row on her Kindle (or Ken-doll, as she calls it) in July 2012, she decided she could do better.  Armed with a few notes, she blithely wrote out the first draft of her first novel and found her first book was worse crap than the stories that had started the whole cycle.  Taking the advice of another author, she studied and learned, re-wrote and re-edited.   As of June 2013, she's published five books with another in progress.

J.A. has been fortunate to travel throughout the U.S. and overseas, though she's now calling the Phoenix, Arizona area home.  Those travels, places and the people she's met help provide fuel for her books which is always why she includes the verbiage, 'Although, if you recognize yourself in any character represented …maybe we need to talk.'  She calls it her rider to the disclaimer assuring readers that her characters are not based on any one particular person. 

When asked to sum up what she wanted others to know about her, she simply says, "For those that have been with me on this life's journey…Thanks for the memories!  And those that are still on their way…Where've you been?  My heart's been waiting for you."

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