12 April 2014

The Price of Love by Cassy Roop - Book Review

Two short months before graduating high school, Kendall Jones’ world is ripped apart at the seams. A stranger rescues her from a near brutal attack, but is unable to save her parents from death. Eight years later, Kendall moves to New York, hoping to put her past behind her, and once again finds herself in need of rescue.

Tristan Price saves the life of a young woman, who then haunts his dreams for eight long years. When she literally falls at his feet, Tristan decides that he will protect her, no matter what the cost. When her past comes back to threaten her, his plan to keep her close could cost his heart.

Can Tristan save Kendall a second time, and at what cost? Can the price of love overshadow the darkness of her past?
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I fell sad for Kendall, my heart really goes out to her because of her past experiences. She used to have a boyfriend named Brett, a total psych. She didn’t know what went wrong in their relationship, all of a sudden the boy she loved was no longer present, and she was facing a monster. He did awful things to her that ended up with them trying to transfer from one place to another. But Brett seems to know where to find them, and when he finally catches them, he kills her parents.

Eight years later, she bumped into someone HOT, and totally familiar – but she couldn’t place him w\in her memory. Tristan Price – one of the most eligible billionaire in town. But this HOT, RICH, SEXY and handsome man is keeping secrets that might drove her to run on the opposite direction. I loved him, but I would have loved him more if he would just tell her in the first place who he really is. It’s the driving force of the first chapters – the mystery that surrounds his persona.

When Tristan hears that Brett is about to get his parole, he immediately tried to protect Kendall from him. He brings her from one place to another, surround themselves with bodyguards, - but whatever they do, Brett always knows where to find them. He seemed to have eyes everywhere – and perhaps this was the biggest mystery of all, who was feeding him information? I was betting on some people, but didn’t get my answer even at the end. Brett will do anything to have her, can Tristan stop him first? But what if Kendall finds out who Tristan really is? Would their love be enough for her to forgive him?

Then there’s Cassy who is more of a sister to her than a friend. I like their friendship – the both of them complement each other, and they were lucky to have one another as friends. I just can’t wait to read her story, if Ms. Roop plans to have any. I’d love to read hers and Jackson’s story as well.

To end, I’d like to say that I’m so happy I got the cleaner version of the manuscript!!! This is my first read from Cassy Roop – and I must admit, she had met my expectations, and I was totally hooked, and entertained with The Price of Love. The sexual tension between Kendall and Tristan was just overwhelming, and smokes are just rising up from my Kindle, the mystery behind his true identity during the first few chapters, the suspense of an old flame coming along to stop her from having her HEA, and most especially, the romance and chemistry that sparks when Kendall and Tristan are in the same room. Mixed them all together in one novel – and you get a one heck of a great plot.

 ✪Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.✪

Cassy is a work at home mom where she spends her days surrounded by children running her in-home daycare. She loves to cook, read and spend her nights and weekends being a Les Mills group fitness instructor. She has been a lover of all things romance from a very early age. She hopes and dreams that everyone can receive their happy ever after. A good ol country girl at heart, she was born and raised in Arkansas and now resides in Charlottesville, Virginia with her husband and three young children.

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