06 April 2014

Notice Me by B.L. Blair - Book Review

Andrew Moore has always thought of Victoria as family. She is his best friend’s little sister and his little sister’s best friend, but recently something has changed. Andrew is thinking about Victoria in a completely different way. She will never fit into his quiet, conservative world. They are too different to have a future together, but he cannot stop noticing her.

Victoria Carson has been in love with Andrew since her sixteenth birthday, but Andrew never noticed her as anything other than the girl next door. She fled from her hometown so that she wouldn’t have to watch Andrew build a life with someone else. But things have changed. Andrew is now a widower, and Victoria has returned home. It is time to make him notice her.

Return to Holton, Texas to see if Victoria can get Andrew to notice her. Notice Me is the second book in the Holton Series but may be read as a standalone novel.
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She had waited twelve years for him to notice her as a woman.

Andrew Moore was her brother’s best friend and the love of her life for so long. Imagine the time she had spent pinning for the man who was now a widower with two children. She was patient, allowed him to grieve his wife, and finally when the right moment came along, she started to show some signs that she was interested. Don’t worry, it was subtle, but enough to cause havoc in Andrews brain.

They were polar opposites. While Andrew was serious, Victoria Carson was much flamboyant and outgoing. She might be the only thing that he can think of these past few days, but he will be running for office, and he thought she wasn’t the perfect partner for his ambition. She would never fit into his quite, conservative world.

For a short book, it had made my eyes watered. Talk about unrequited, patient love – Tori sure knows how to wait. I can’t imagine her feeling all the pain when Andrew made a life with someone else and had children. I admire her determination and perseverance, and most especially her zest for life. When Andrew got married, she decided to live her life, and made the best out of herself. She worked hard, saved a lot and waited for him. The big question is: UNTIL WHEN?

Until when will she wait for the guy who seemed not to notice him? Who can’t see her worth? She was a great girl who is loved by many, but why can’t he just love her?

When he notices her, I thought we were in for a happy ending. But no. Andrew still has that nagging feeling of her not belonging into his world. He had to make one stupid decision after the other that had caused him to break her heart a couple of times, and I hated him for it. How can he not see the intelligence and beauty that this woman has? And the great love she was offering her? How can he be so blind?

When someone love you THAT MUCH, and for THAT LONG – you just have to take notice before someone else snatch it right before your very eyes.

This novel caught me in surprise as I really didn't expect to get hook and fall in love with every pages and with the two characters. You are in for a short, sweet and great tale of love. I just can’t help but to love it. 

✪Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.✪

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