14 April 2014

Going Nowhere by K.M. Galvin - Blog Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

Series: Twenty-Something #1
Release date: January 7th 2014
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Marisol Finnegan has done everything right to ensure that when she graduated college she'd have the kickass life she always wanted. That's what we're told right? A + B = C? Yeah, well sometimes C is being a twenty-four year old virgin moving home with your parents.

So not ideal.

Before entering this tragically pathetic phase of her life, Marisol stops at a bar for a drink. It's here where her life really changes when she meets her catalyst...Jason Scott.

After everything you've ever done has backfired and you no longer trust yourself how are you able to navigate a relationship? How do you even begin to love yourself let alone someone else?
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Her voice was that of great desperation. Marisol Finnegan had done everything right. She had good grades in college, and spent her time studying rather than partying and now that she had graduated she was jobless and is moving back home with her parents – pathetic, but can you relate?

Does it ever happen to you – the feeling of impending doom? That feeling of great frustration asking the world why is it against you, you have done everything right and haven’t pissed anyone off? Mari’s problem was palpable, you can read it in her words, feel it deep and you will feel sad for her at times, and at the same time you have this urge to tell her to stop moping around and get on with her life. Get whatever life can offer RIGHT NOW, while fixing her life in the process.

Stopping at a bar for a drink, she meets this bartender, Jason Scott – who became her friend, her best friend, and then – things just happen from there. He is one hot guy who gave her a job, even it was not in her line. Introduced her to his sister, Emily and of course little Mikey – whom you will love as well. They welcomed her with opened arms in their arms. And for the first time in her life since she graduated, she wasn’t a mess. She was still trying to put herself together, but at least she was happy. You can see the change as the story progress.

Mari tried to stop what she felt for Jason – the attraction, that giddy feelings he invokes in her when he’s around, but the chemistry was just too potent to stop, soon, she found herself giving in to him. They had a great relationship, especially since it started with friendship. The problem is that, these two people had a past that is holding them back. She wasn’t completely fixed yet, and so is he. Decisions were made that causes problems, and soon heartbreak followed.

I thought it would end up in a cliffhanger, I was almost so sure of it, since I was nearing the ending and the couple are too stubborn to talk about their problems. I was losing hope of their reconciliation. Good thing Emily and her sister knock some senses into her.

The ending, especially the grand gesture surprised me, since it was always the male lead who does it. So it’s quite refreshing to see a female lead sweat for once. Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading this book a lot. It may started with me getting frustrated with Mari, but I enjoyed her journey towards finding herself, and of course finding her HEA. It was great to see her character making a change, it wasn’t just done overnight, it was gradual, believable and real.

Mari is the kind of character a lot of new graduates and some women may relate with. There will be times in our lives when we get lost and lose track of our destination – but you shouldn’t lose hope. Grab what life has to offer, because when you are meant to reach that destination – you will reach it, just enjoy the ride. This book tells the story about the woman who was once lost, frustrated and hopeless – but got up on her feet, found her way back into life.  

Going Nowhere is the first book in the series, and it was a grand way to start it. It’s sweet, romantic, hot and totally an inspiration to everyone.

I can’t wait for the next installment – it would probably be Declan & Emily’s! :D

Making yourself vulnerable to someone wasn't weak, but the bravest thing anyone can do.

✪Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.✪

K.M. "Kelsie" Galvin grew up in the South with Yankee parents, which made for a very confusing accent. She loves music, books, blogging (Hola from Page Trotters!), Game of Thrones and coffee. Going Nowhere is her first book.

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