24 April 2014

Liam's List by Haleigh Lovell - Release Blitz, Giveaway

 From the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author Haleigh Lovell!!
A New Adult Romance packed with Heat and Heart. 
Title: Liam's List
Author: Haleigh Lovell
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: April 24, 2014

His best friend’s sister.
A list. A love story.
Can Vivian help Liam heal one steamy encounter at a time?

NOTE: Rated 18+ for language and frequent sex scenes. Complete novel. No cliffhanger. Dual POV
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I spent my night half-laughing, half-squirming in my bed. It was my bad I read it during my bed time, I thought it would help me sleep, but this book had me so hooked I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning just to finished it. Trust me when I say, this is worth all those dark spots under your eyes.

The first time I met Liam and Vivian was when I read the first book,  and I really think they were perfect for each other. It didn’t matter when Liam enlisted and went to Iraq, I knew the both of them can survive the distance because their love was real. What I didn’t expect was what is going to happen in between their separation that can affect their relationship.

War can change a person, and it was what happened to Liam. Things happened that made him a different person when he came home. He was aloof, he preferred alcohol, and he was so closed-off – they didn’t talk anymore. Oh, they still do it – and when they do it was pretty much explosive, but a relationship needed more than mind-blowing sex (can’t believe I’m saying this! ;)).

Their relationship suffered. She didn’t know what to do at first. She was lost too. She was tiptoeing around him. Her old Liam was nowhere to be found, a stranger came home to her.  

 If you loved this two in the first book, wait until you read Liam’s List. Most especially Vivian, I have never seen a girl who fought to hard for a relationship. It was hard, it was daunting, it was emotionally draining for her, and what she was experiencing was not for the faint of heart. I knew there was those times when she could have easily given up and leave him – but she stayed. She stayed with him, loved him with all that she has, offered him everything that she can – and in the end, all her efforts were rewarded. She got him back.

It’s not just Liam and Vivian, there were so many secondary characters who have made this story downright amazing – starting with Chelsea, the best friend – OMG. She was so freaking funny I couldn’t help the sound of laughter escaping my lips, and there’s Merrick – who is a toughie on the outside, but a softie on the inside, his letters had me in tears. Just like the main characters, they play a vital role in the lives of Liam and Vivian, and they too have their own stories to tell.

Liam’s List proved that love can heal just about anything. It is love that gives the greatest strength for a relationship to survive the biggest obstacle that fate can throw at them.

I love the fact that it has no cliff-hanger, and I get to creep inside both their thoughts. Liam’s List had made me laugh so hard, hurt so hard, panting so hard, and fell in love all over again with the two characters.

It’s not the load that breaks you down. It’s the way you carry it.

✪Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.✪

Haleigh Lovell lives in the west coast with her husband and three rescue dogs. Haleigh received a B.A. in Journalism and a B.A in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin--Madison. Despite training as a journalist and a sociologist, Haleigh soon found she preferred making up her own stories--stories with heat and heart. 

An expert at the art of procrastination, Haleigh is easily distracted by food and can often be found snacking on Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Pringles, Kit Kat bars, Toblerones and sushi.

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  1. thanks SO much! I'm so happy you enjoyed it and I LOVE all the teaser pics you made. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! xoxo Haleigh