30 April 2014

Afraid To Love by MJ Nightingale - Book Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

Learning to trust again is the hardest thing to do.

Ana Perrot is crazy. Crazy about sex, and pleasing her lovers. She is passionate and as fiery as her red hair. She eats men like air. She is also willing to submit to any man anywhere. But outside of the bedroom, Ana is an independent woman who lives her own life by her own rules. And, her biggest rule . . . she won’t do long term relationships. She refuses to fall in love . . . again.

Teddy O’Rourke is an easy going, laid back Tampa bartender at one of the most popular clubs in town. All about family and enjoying life including all the women that throw themselves at his feet, he has no problems finding willing partners. His football player body, his personality, his warm hazel eyes all ooze sex appeal. He is the perfect package in every way for a woman like Ana, well for any woman really. An ex-cop, his instincts tell him Ana is one hell of a woman, but she is wounded and scarred by the past. What are her secrets? What will make her trust him? Why is she so afraid to love?

A one night stand, that is full of surprises for Teddy, opens his eyes to new possibilities. A single man enjoying his freedom meets his match in the bedroom, and elsewhere. He sees a future with Ana, a counselor for troubled youth. But could she be persuaded to fall . . . and to trust again?
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The first time I met Teddy in Fire In His Eyes, I already liked him. He didn’t know what he was up against when he decided to go for Ana. I was wondering if this bartender could handle a feisty, strong-willed girl like her.

Ana loves sex, and she’s not shy about it. She likes pleasing her men, and likes her men pleasing her. She can be a sub in the bedroom, but outside of it – she’s an independent girl who had been through a lot and is now playing by her own rules. Her painful past had already determined her future, and she’s making the most out of what she can have. So long term relationships is out of the question, as well as commitment. Love and dreams had disillusioned her. There was no way she’s going back there.

Teddy is one cool bartender who will capture your hearts. He was hot, sexy, charming and sweet… and not to mention he’s really, really good in bed. It’s no wonder why Ana can’t help but be smitten with him. He’s one special package I’d like to unwrap personally. He adores his unconventional family and he has some fair shares of women. He likes Ana, but would he ever be enough to break all the walls that surrounds her heart?

It was suppose to be just one night – but both Teddy and Ana had met their match not just in bed, but out of it as well. They have enjoyed each other’s company – but both have secrets and past they first needed to exorcise themselves from and tell each other, before it catches them.

It took a while for her to trust him, for her to start breaking her barriers. But some issues needed to be addressed first before they can finally start their forever. Ana wanted him to be happy – she wasn’t the woman to fulfill his dreams. Will Ted convince her that she was the one for him, or will they let their past dictate their future?

Their HEA would not be possible without someone. What made them reconcile was MORE than just your ordinary grand gesture. At first, I was surprised (not good surprise), because it was too weird – but after reading it, and realizing the its importance, I appreciated it. They needed one big push for them to wake up from their stupor and be back in each other’s arms.

With the right amount of kink, romance, steamy scenes and not to mention surprises – Afraid to Love had me hooked. I finished this book in one sitting, constantly squirming, and rooting for each of the characters. 

✪Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.✪

“My name is Ana,” she said coolly as she leaned in and nodded in answer to his question, batting her eyelashes just a tad. He smiled. Teeth white, and straight.

He knew her sudden bashfulness was a ploy. He knew the game. “What will it be, Ana?” He said her name slowly, drawing out each sound, each letter.

“Let me have Sex on the Beach,” she answered. Then looking him straight in the eye. “I like sex on the beach,” she added.

He smiled at her again, and without looking at the ingredients began to make her drink. “Too sandy,” he chuckled, and then turned to go get the remaining ingredients to fill her order.

She watched his behind as he worked facing the wall of liquor behind him, and heat pooled in her loins. This man was truly a fine specimen. Thirty, she thought. And that was okay with her. She was thirty-four, so the age difference wasn’t too bad. She liked them a little younger anyway. They were easier to control and more readily agreed to her conditions, her rules.

Before she was prepared for it, he turned back towards her, and the sight of him almost took her breath away. He gave her one of his dazzling smiles, revealing dimples in his cheek, and a slight cleft in his chin. Bar towel in one hand, he wiped the counter in front of her again. Next, he placed a napkin down in front of her, and placed her drink on it. Her mouth had suddenly gone dry. She leaned in to take a sip of the refreshing cocktail, not picking up the glass, but leaning low to give him a better view of her cleavage. She wanted to turn the tables back to her side again, regain control. She was glad she had worn this dress; it was red. The green amulet swinging enticingly between her breasts was small enough to not distract from the view she was offering. She felt his eyes on her like lasers.

“Delicious,” she purred licking her lips then straightened up suddenly. She caught him ogling her breasts like a school boy, and he blushed. Gotcha, she thought as she watched his Adam’s apple bob while he swallowed, hard.

“So the beach is too sandy for you. How about a big bed?” she asked innocently, but then leaned in again to take another sip. She kept her head tilted to the side not breaking eye contact. There was definite electricity.
Ten fun facts about the author1.) I am a great cook.

2.) I have travelled to 18 different countries.

3.) I enjoy horse back riding.

4.) I drink coffee all day long.

5.) I wanted to be a stand up comedian.

6.) I have twin sons. My husband and I went through hell and back to have them, both having infertility issues. (Subplot in one of my books).

7.) I am Canadian and my husband is a New Yorker.

8.) My grandmother who is 90 teaches me how to use the computer.

9.) I teach high school.

10.) I wish I didn't have to wear a bra. I'm stacked. (You don't have to include the last statement, haha. Nah, go ahead and include it. I am sure many women can relate.)

MJ Nightingale has spent over two decades teaching students how to write, and now she is doing it herself.  Originally from Canada, she graduated from University with her Bachelor of Arts and then went on to get her Bachelor of Education Degree in Secondary Education. 

            Reading has been a part of her life since she was a child. She has been an avid lover of classical English and American literature, but romance has always held a special place in her heart.  She devours historical romance novels all summer long, and any type of fiction; thrillers, crime, suspense, and drama.  This is her second published book, and she has one more book, Afraid to Hope, coming out in in the summer of 2014.  All three, Fire In His Eyes, Afraid to Love and Afraid to Hope, are erotic romance standalone novels and are part of her Secrets & Seduction Series.

            She is also working on a new series The Bounty Hunters for 2015.

            She currently lives in Florida, where she continues to teach, with her wonderful husband of nine years, and her sons.  She plans on pursuing her writing career full time very soon. 

**MJ Nightingale would love to hear from her readers.  She can be reached at authormjnightingale@gmail.com
And you can also visit her author page on Facebook at:   https://www.facebook.com/pages/MJ-Nightingale/185806224943537?ref=hl  to see what is coming next by MJ Nightingale.

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MY REVIEW: Monica had been a late bloomer. After suffering from a dark, painful past that had left her overweight, and shy – at thirty, she had just started to REALLY live her life. And life is about to surprise her as she encounters ex-military Victor in a Tampa bar. One look, and chemistry was already brewing, the sexual tension was already thick. This sexy, mysterious, and incredibly talented in bed man had just turned her life upside down. There’s a catch though…

“Please don’t fall in love with me, Monica. I’ll give you what I can, but I am afraid it can’t be enough.”

It was the warning he kept on repeating from the first time that they were together. There was something he wasn’t telling her. But at least, he was honest enough to tell her where they stand, and now I wonder – what might that be? Speculations would rise in my brain as I continue to read the novel, and none of it were pretty.

Nevertheless, he gave Monica an experience of a lifetime with new and exciting things he teaches and allowed her to do. He breaks her comfort zone and let her explore the things he liked, which she embraced as well.

She is one hot high school teacher who captured my heart with her strength and determination to surpass what happened to her in the past, and for a while there, I wanted her to have the best, to have the man who is hers alone and will love her indefinitely.

He might have been a hellion in bed and can give her multiple orgasms, but she deserves for than that. He had been selfish, and it took him a while, and caused her some pain before he realized what he did and finally made a decision I never thought he would. The wait was over, and he was finally going to chose – a past that had left him scarred or a present that completes him?

I wanted to go inside the novel and somehow beat the hell out of Victor at one point. He was a bit selfish, and he wants a win-win situation without a REAL thought for those people involve. I was almost going to hate him, I was nearly there – until he finally gave his decision which allowed me to breathe fully. Finally, he came into his senses. You can’t have everything – something’s got to give, and it is up to you to chose what you want to go, or stay in your life.

Be ready to get burn.

To sum it all up, FIRE IN HIS EYES: It’s hot, it’s steamy, it’s frustrating, it’s sweet, it’s romantic, and it’s kinky. 
✪Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.✪

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