01 June 2014

More Than Friends by Tabetha Thompson - Book Review

More Than Friends (The Friend Zone #2) 
Author: Tabetha Thompson 
Published: May 3, 2014 
Chloe's newfound love for Skye grows more and more every day. Never before has she been so enamored by someone. Could that be a bad thing for her though? With all thoughts of Skye and still recovering from her recent attack, Chloe is distracted. Her recently acquired tunnel vision only allows her to see Skye and she misses all the details of the things going on outside her hospital room.

Skye’s love for Chloe becomes stronger every day and so does his instinct to protect her. With Todd still on the loose, the roses that keep appearing on Chloe’s apartment door, Tom’s odd behavior and Sarah missing, Skye is determined more than ever to never leave Chloe’s side. Will Skye’s determination to protect her from Todd, her friends, and even herself be their undoing?
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More Than Friends shows how much Skye cared for Chloe. He loved her enough to stay, and take care of her. After  what she had experienced in the second book, she needs all the support that she can get – and she did get that, from her friends and from a wonderful nurse, Sally. Problem is, her world only revolves around the room, and she had no idea what is happening in the outside world. She tries to get out from the darkness she’s in – and it’s the voices of the people she loved the most that kept her hanging in there.

Skye’s love had just gotten stronger, so has his protectiveness towards her especially that Todd is on the loose and he has this nagging feeling that he wasn’t done yet as roses keeps on appearing on Chloe’s apartment door. It didn’t help that Tom is acting weird, and Sara is nowhere to be found.

I was looking forward into reading this sequel after the heart-stopping ending of the first book: The Friend Zone. It had been a crazy ending, and all I wish is for everything to be okay in the second book, but apparently Tabetha Thompson had other thoughts – because my adrenaline just spiked after the sudden turn this book had.

If the first book had just a sprinkle of suspense, this one has a full packet of it. Lies, betrayals, the danger – it will keep you on your seats, glued to your readers. Again, Tabetha Thompson did not just write a SHORT, SEXY, and FUN novel, but she did a great job in writing a story about survival. Chloe is a survivor, her strength and courage is admirable. You can’t help but just love this girl and all those people around her.

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