06 October 2013

Final Play by Dakota Madison - Book Review

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FINAL PLAY can be read as a STAND ALONE novel or as BOOK THREE of the MATCHPLAY series.  
A Guy, a Girl and the Deviled Egg they both want... 
Straight-laced newbie engineer Lucas Young wasn't looking for love when he attended his friend, Rainy Dey's wedding reception. But what he did want was one of the delicious looking deviled eggs that were prominently displayed on the hors d'oeuvres table. Unfortunately, the delectable treat was practically stolen out of his hand by... 
Ella Warner, groomsman Evan Warner's "crazy" younger sister and the black sheep of their well-to-do family. Ella does everything on her own terms, including snatching a yummy deviled egg from Lucas's rather hungry clutches.  
But it's going to take a lot more than the perfect deviled egg to keep this completely mismatched couple from going completely off the rails as they negotiate an increasingly complicated relationship. 
Opposites may attract but can they actually find true love with each other?

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What happens when a good boy falls in love with a not-so-good girl?/ It all started with the Deviled Egg they both want on Rainy and Aaron’s wedding. She was everything he didn’t expect himself to be intrigued with. She was a stranger, but she saw through him. She saw the feelings that he kept hidden from everyone most especially the bride. Yikes. Creepy.  
I like LUCAS YOUNG. He’s amazing. It’s refreshing to know that contrary to the usual men in novels I had recently been reading – he’s totally different. Because 1) he’s not drop dead gorgeous 2) he ain’t charming 3) he’s just some average Joe 4) he’s a geek 5) he’s boring 6) he doesn’t date that much AND 7) he doesn’t sleep around often. Yay. He’s been with girls of course, but he can still count them on his fingers. He’s much focused on his work rather than forming relationships. THIS GUY IS UNBELIEVABLY GOOD. AN ANGEL. Well, he’s more of a friend material than a boyfriend, and if he were my friend – I would want nothing but the best for him. Because GOOD GUYS deserves nothing more but the BEST in life and a NICE girl who would love and treasure him for real. 
 Ella Warner is not your ordinary, average, nice girl. She was everything wrong for him – she got a lot of baggage with her, sleeps around and is the black sheep of the family. And not to mention, she’s CRAZY. Okay, not really crazy-CRAZY, just bipolar. But she got his attention, and he’s willing to take the risk just to be with her. No matter how hard other people try to tell him she’s bad news, HE WANTS HER, and he will be with her. I felt sad for Ella, her family made it completely sure that she knew she was crazy and there's no possibility of any guy will get serious with her.    
Their relationship is a increasingly getting complicated, with Ella not being used to men who really wants to be with her, and Lucas not being used to relationships at all. Will their relationship survive the odds and insecurities and trust issues?
They are completely mismatched, the opposite of each other - and they're not even right for one another - BUT they were what each other needed. They were completely right for each other. How the author made sure of that, I had no idea!! Dakota Madison made a sweet, not-your-ordinary-romantic novel that will make you swoon. 
*ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

 photo AuthorBio_zps0bf1360f.jpgDakota Madison has been writing since she learned to read and fell in love with books. When she's not at her computer creating spicy new romances, Dakota is traveling to exotic locales or spending time with her husband and their bloodhounds.

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