31 July 2013

Steal My Heart by Lisa Eugene - Book Spotlight, Giveaway, Book Review

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Maggie Lawson is an OR nurse, a certified germaphobe! She likes to keep things clean and orderly. When she meets Ex-Navy SEAL, Gabe Masters, on the New York City subway, he’s disguised as a dingy, dirty hobo. She cringes as she’s forced to use her nursing skills to revive him. Gabe Masters narrowly escaped his latest assignment, but concerned about the data he's stolen, he slips it into the pocket of the nurse who came to his aide. Attempting to retrieve it, he breaks into her apartment. What he finds is that his angelic savior is not as compliant as he’d hoped. And Maggie finds that her hobo patient is a ‘dirty boy’ in more ways than one! After being forced to do his bidding, she unwittingly gets entangled in a dangerous, fast-paced, sexy adventure that tests the boundaries of her spirit and the capacity of her heart. Gabe’s passion spirals her to unimaginable heights. She soon starts to wonder if he is the real danger. They learn to trust each other as they try to figure out who is after them. As the mystery unfolds they also realize the significance of the research data that was stolen and its monumental importance. Will Maggie be able to convince this professional thief to do the right thing? Will she succumb to this ‘dirty boy’ who’s keeping secrets about his past, or will she chose to keep things clean? Gabe Masters has always walked away. That’s how he’s lived his life. No commitments. No ties. He’s lived years with pain and guilt. Will he be able to give his heart to this woman who finally brings him peace, or will he do what he does best and walk away?


Why did I want to read this book? Big thanks to the blurb telling that our main character is an OR nurse. Oh yes, it had caught my interest because if you haven't known it yet, I'm an operating room nurse as well. Good thing that this book did not disappoint me. Steal My Heart started with an action-packed, heart-stopping scene that will have you gripping your readers. 

We are introduced to Maggie, an operating room nurse with an obsessive compulsive disorder. (This disorder seemed to run through a lot of OR nurses, me included.) She lives inside her little sterile bubble until a hot hobo decided to pop it. Their first meeting - it was epic! It's one of the reasons why I go home right after my duty and don't roam around the city in my white uniform. :)

Then there's the dark and dangerous Gabe, her hot hobo. They met in the most unusual circumstances, and after she 'saved' his life (reluctantly) - her life was no longer the same. He likes his solitude. His latest assignment however, have gone awry and he almost didn't escape alive. In order to safe-keep the data he stole, he placed it in the nurse's pocket. He breaks into his apartment, and he took more than the drive with him. Suddenly, it was not only the data he needs to protect. He needed to protect Maggie too. The question is, from who? What they don't know and realize is that their enemy is much more closer than they think. 

Although Maggie tried to place her attraction as Stockholm Syndrome - in which one falls in love with the captor - she couldn't deny the attraction and the sexual chemistry that is brewing between them. The moment it exploded, she realized that not all dirty are bad. Some can be pretty... orgasmic. But can he trust her heart to the man who is constantly walking away? 

Steal My Heart have really stolen my heart because it started very strong - and yet the adrenaline rush carried on to the middle and right just before the end. I'm not just talking about action scenes here, the steamy scenes were as intense as the crazy chase. Lisa Eugene rewarded her readers with a sweet, funny ending to wrap it all up, just enough to have your cardiac rates back to normal. 

(Just a thought though, how can she possibly work inside the OR if she detest body fluids? We are so exposed to that and many more every hour of the shift, although we do have our protective gears.) 


Lisa Eugene lives on Long Island, NY with her husband an three rambunctious kids. Between juggling a full time job and being a soccer mom, she enjoys a good romance. Mrs. Eugene has been in the medical field for over twenty years. Her books also have a medical suspense theme. Her first book, Strictly Business, a contemporary erotic romance, is a finalist in the Readers’ Favorite Annual International Award Contest.


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  1. Thank you for the great review!! I love it when nurses read my book! I haven't worked in the OR, but worked on a hospital ward for many years and taught nursing for a while. I have known many Maggies...lol. Fabulous nurses!! Wish I'd known a few Gabes...lol. My whole series is about the medical field. Thanks again, Lisa Eugene

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