14 July 2013

Mangled Hearts by Felicia Tatum - Book Tour, Review, Giveaway

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Felicia Tatum
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I have always loved books about second chances - this is why I wanted to read this book in the first place!!

Francesca Taymon is a lawyer working her ass off in a law firm who didn't seem to see her worth as an attorney. But she was very patient, and taking her time in trying to please her bosses. When one particular case was thrown into her - she didn't know if it was a blessing or a curse to see who's name she will be defending - Cade Kelling. 

Cade Kelling is one of the ultimate bad boys I have ever read. I hated him at first and I wished that Francesca would find someone else. That this was just some high school love needing closure! (I know, I know, I'm so judgmental.) But once you read this, you will understand me. He has an alcohol problems and currently in denial. His father is almost near in washing his hands off Cade because of all the trouble he has been through, he just lost his job and is about to face arraignment. He's irresponsible and reckless. Only this time, heaven must have loved him when he saw Francesca again after all these years. She was the girl who has cared for him a lot, and whom he hurt, a lot as well. 

They had a thing going on in the past. But it was all in the past because Francesca doesn't want him back. She reminds him too much of what she has lost...it was more than just her heart. Cade, on the other hand has other things in his mind. He lost her once, he's not losing her again. Can he prove his worth to her?

And although I hated Cade at first, I can't deny that the story is realistic. Yes, alcoholics simply ranks first in people who uses denial as their defense mechanism and their day would only be complete if they can ingest alcohol. Felicia Tatum made a clear, vivid description of what an alcoholic is. It wasn't pretty. BUT IT WAS REAL. What changed my mind about Cade will always, be on the next half of the book (so yes, you have to be patient like Francesca in order to adore Cade). But his journey in changing his ways is exceptional. You will see how he tried his best in mending his ways and getting all the help he can get. Love made him want to be a better person not just for himself, but for the woman he loves and his family as well. 

She might sound like a goody-goody, but I adore characters like Francesca who's willing to give second chances after all the mistakes and hurts from her past. I like people who forgives and sees hope in others. As the story goes, there could be times when you want to comfort her or slap her - she has her frustrating moments. (Those moments when I wanted her to just find someone else! ANYONE *except Mr. Baby Batter too* but Cade). But she stood with her emotions, and I'm glad she did because our hero turned out to be an amazing man. Francesca too! I love how her character changed - from a complete pushover to someone who is brave enough to follow her dreams, even if it means starting from scratch. 

The pacing was just right - there were some flashbacks which allowed me to understand what happened between these two years ago. Everything was going smoothly until I reach the end. I'm not sure if it was wise - but hey, we all want our HEA!!!

Told in alternating POV, Mangled Hearts is a cliche plot of good-girl-falls-in-love-with-the-bad-boy, yet Felicia Tatum gave us something more - hope.  No matter what, no matter how long it takes, there is still room for change if you really, really want it - no alibis, no second guessing. You just jump in and wish everything will turn out for the best. 
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  1. Thank you SO much for reviewing my book! You made me tear up a little. I appreciate you hosting me sooo much :D