12 April 2015

ARC Review | Since Drew by J. Nathan

SINCE DREW by J. Nathan
Releasing: April 23, 2015

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All Andi Parker has ever wanted, all she’s ever dreamed of, is a spot on the Olympic track team. But when an accident leaves her hospitalized with serious injuries and shattered dreams, she’s not only uncertain what her future holds but also completely alone.

Drew Slater is a wanted man. Professional football teams want him for his arm. Women want him for his irresistible good looks and charming personality. But the well-crafted disguise he wears, the one that helps him score on and off the field, hides secrets. Conceals lies. Threatens the happiness of everyone around him.

One chance encounter brings Andi and Drew together, changing their worlds in ways they never thought possible. Unfortunately, what they thought they knew about themselves—and each other—might just be the biggest lie of all.

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"I want to deserve you. I want to be everything you need and everything you don't have. I want to be someone you never have to question. Someone you trust. Someone you want to love for the rest of your life."

Unforgettable, fun and one amazing read that is filled with surprises and great moments. It was the twist that had my jaws dropped on the floor – I had some idea on what it could have been, but just as I thought I had it figured out, another one hits me and caught me off guard.

"How do I make it so you don't forget me?"

Olympic Track Team was her goal. It was the only one on her list. She was good at it. She was sure she’s going to make it, until an accident left her hospitalized with injuries that shattered her dreams. She was alone with her parents on the other side of the world, and her best friend busy with the incoming finals.

Drew has it all – great life, promising future, women, charms, and great looks. But he has secrets of his own. Secrets that have weighed a lot on his personal baggage, and threaten the happiness of everyone around him.

Fate had their paths crossed in the most unimaginable way. It was fun to watch him trying to get her out of her comfort zone, and tries to push her buttons. Just when she felt she was falling for him, she discovered something so shocking. At first, she almost didn’t believe it, until reality woke her up and it was up to her to decide if it was worth the risk.
"Tell me how to do this, Andi. Tell me how to make this better. Tell me what I need to do to be with you."
Until Drew is a story of life, love, second chance, determination and forgiveness. It’s a story of defying the odds, and looking past beyond the mistake. I loved it, left my heart in every page of it and it’s something I’d love to recommend to friends.

"I wish I wasn't your biggest mistake."

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