10 February 2014

Save Me From Myself by Stacey Mosteller - Book Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

Title: Save Me From Myself (Nashville Nights #1)
Author: Stacey Mosteller
Expected Release Date: February 2014
Genre: New Adult Romance
Cover Designer: Kari @ Cover to Cover Designs 

Lyric Hayes spent the first 22 years of her life trying to be the perfect daughter and the perfect girlfriend. After a tragedy and her fiance’s betrayal, she's running. Starting over far away from the person she used to be.

She's made herself a vow - no relationships. She's trying to heal, not complicate her life further.

David Pearson has it all. Confidence, awesome friends, successful business. But, David's dealt with loss too. He knows better than anyone not to judge by what's on the surface.

Drawn to Lyric despite her inability to trust, he'll do anything to own her heart.

Will secrets and misunderstandings send Lyric running again? Or will David finally save her from herself?
my review-
Lyric had enough. For years, she was the perfect daughter and the perfect girlfriend. But after seeing her fiancĂ© having sex with another woman after she was experiencing grief was the last straw. She can’t believe he had been fooling around while she was devastated. So, she decided to run away and start fresh.

After Matt’s betrayal, she decided to get a break from getting into relationships, allow herself to heal and enjoy her life.

But there’s the sexy bartender or should I say bar owner, David. He’s sexy, charming, responsible, and rich. He knew what it was like to lose someone and how life can change in one swift of a finger. It took one look at Lyric to decide that he will do anything to have her heart. Despite the walls she had built around her heart, her inability to trust and let people in.

I watch him being patient, being kind, giving her the space she needed, but still standing beside her. I watched him wooed her, wowed her, and finally have her. David was nothing like Matt, and Lyric was lucky to find someone who would treasure, and love her like she deserves. Matt? He was an ass, a douche, and I hated him, I wished David breaks some of his bone. He’s assuming – why can’t he let Lyric be, or better yet, why don’t he marry her mother! They so deserve each other! What kind of mother does Lyric have? I can’t believe she would rather side on her ex-fiancĂ© rather than her! Arghhh!!!! All the things she does in this novel make me want to go inside it and wring her neck. I so hate her more than Matt!

And there was the lovely Anna who placed some sunshine into this book. She had me smiling every time I see her name on every page. She might be a little naughty – but once Lyric needed her, she ultimately switched into the friend mode. She was willing to fight for her. Loved her intensely for it.

When David and Lyric are finally going to have their HEA – they are once again faced with a trial in their relationship. One that might break them apart. David hated liars, and Lyric lied by omission. I was torn. I wanted for her to tell him, but it wasn’t her story to tell. She was threatened (arghh!!! I can’t imagine the one who threatened her turned out to be a bitch at this point) with something she loved – David. She couldn’t just take the risk after all they have been through. But before she could say anything, the secret was out, and David knew that she knew and haven’t told him. Everything went berserk! The next thing David knew, he had pushed her away, and he was making the biggest mistake of his life.

Never, ever make decisions or open your mouth when you’re mad. You are most likely to end up regretting it. I guessed David learned it the hard way when he drove Lyric away. But I understand his point as well, he was hurt, he felt betrayed not just by Lyric but by people close to him. It was such a complicated situation I didn’t know whom to side, so I just wait on how everything will turn out. Good thing Anna pulled him out of his haze, and pushed him into making the right decision.

Save Me From Myself centered on how important fidelity and TRUST in a relationship. The relationship will tumble down easily without its strong foundation. You will fall in love with the characters, even with the secondary ones, you will hate some strongly, and it will be hard to stop reading once you have started it. Save Me From Myself had kept me all night, but it was worth it. 

★ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.★

Sebastian enters the room, and everyone straightens up. After calling the meeting to order, his eyes focus on me. “Ah yes, everyone,” he starts, “We have a new team member. This is Lyric and she’ll be covering all the local acts.” He motions towards me, and I smile shyly at everyone. I hate being put on the spot like this. “Tell everyone a little bit about yourself Lyric.” Great, so we’re back in high school.
I stammer, “Uh, well, hi. My name is Lyric, and I just moved to Nashville from Manhattan. I graduated in December from Columbia and I’m excited to be working with you all. I can’t wait to hear Nashville’s local talent!” Thankfully, after that lackluster description, Sebastian says nothing as I sit down. Ben must be silently laughing at me because his shoulders are shaking uncontrollably. I know it’s not because he’s crying for me!
I don’t have much time to dwell on Ben’s laughter or my own less than stellar introduction, because Sebastian quickly moves on to berating everyone for last week’s articles. Apparently, he’s convinced at least half of the staff lied about their journalism or english grades because “it was all crap.”
After spending almost fifteen minutes telling us how much we suck, Sebastian finally moves on to finish the meeting handing out everyone’s assignments. Because I’m new, I have nothing to write a review on this week, so he’s sending me out with Ben to “make some contacts” because there is a big concert this Friday. Ben’s got media passes for backstage at the Kings of Leon concert, and he’s doing an interview with the band. Sebastian asks me if I even know who they are, and I frown. Ben laughs, and tells him, “If she didn’t, I’m sure she’s read Fifty Shades, so she does now.” My face starts flaming, and I can’t say anything.
Sebastian snorts out a laugh, and begins giving everyone else their assignments. When he’s done, he calls the meeting to an end, and leaves us all sitting around the conference table. Once he’s out of hearing range, I turn to Ben and hiss, “Really? Did you have to put me and Christian Grey in the same sentence?”
Ben laughs harder, “Oh please, you know you read it. And if you haven’t, girl you better get on that! I’d leave Toby in a heartbeat for a night in the RROP” I am so not having this discussion with Ben, even if we do share a love of all things fifty.
I slap him, “Oh my God, Benjamin!”
He points a finger at me, “I knew it! You did read it! You dirty slut!” This whole exchange is surreal, but after that statement, I can’t do anything but laugh. I put my head in my hands and just let it out. Ben, however, thinks I’m crying, so he starts apologizing profusely. “Shit, L, I’m sorry! I was just teasing! You’re not a dirty slut at all!” At that, I can’t help but snort, and he knows I’m not upset.
“Bitch,” he mutters, “I was really worried!”
“Sorry Ben! It was funny though,” I tell him and bump his shoulder with mine before standing to walk out of the conference room.


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I am a 32 year old wife and working mom to 3 boys, ages 15, 13, and 8! After spending the first half of my life in a small town outside of Philadelphia, PA, my parents moved my brother and I to another small town outside of Greensboro, NC. I moved to Hickory, NC after marrying my husband. We dated a total of three months before getting married, and we’d known each other for a total of six! People thought we were crazy, but 2014 marks our 10 year anniversary, so it obviously worked out! 
I’ve always been a huge book lover, even though I hated doing book reports in school! I could never figure out the main idea, but I could quote the book word for word. Back in 2012, I found Fifty Shades, and after staying up all night one Friday to read all three books, I was hooked! I started a book blog, and kept reading everything I could. Then, I found Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines, and couldn’t stop reading. My husband told me that I should write my own book since I was spending so much on Kindle books – by June, I’d read over 500! – and after blowing him off for a few months, I decided to try to write the story I kept seeing in my head. 
 I had an idea for a story about a girl who’d been raised by her brother, but when I started writing, the brother of the main female kept taking over, to the point I was writing things in his POV instead of hers, so I shelved it, and started writing Save Me From Myself instead. I finally told a few fellow book bloggers about my story, and they started encouraging me to finish it, so here we are! It’s been an absolutely insane ride, and I can’t wait to share these characters with everyone!

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