03 September 2013

Anywhere With You by Kaylee Ryan - Book Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

Allison Hagan has not lived the life of a normal teenager. 
Her parents died in a car crash when she was ten and she has been living with her elderly grandmother who happens to be her only living relative ever since. Allison became best friends with the boy next door Aiden. Aiden’s family has taken her in as part of their own, which is why when her gran insists that she live in the dorms at college so Allison chooses to attend the same school as Aiden. 
Liam MacCoy is a college senior and quarterback of his college football team. Liam is rumored to be first round draft pick for the NFL following graduation as is his best friend Aiden. Liam has one focus and that’s football that is until his little sister introduces him to her roommate Allison. Since he met her he hasn't been able to think of anything else. 
Liam is not a relationship kind of guy and Allison wants it all. She wants the romance and the family that she grew up without. Will Liam overcome his fear of relationships as well as the tangle of friendships to give Allison everything she wants?

Allison Hagan or Ash didn’t live a life of a normal teenager. Orphaned at an early young age by the sudden death of her parents, her life had revolved in studying and taking care of her grandmother. She didn’t go to proms, make a lot of friends or had a relationship. All she has is her grandmother and her best friend Ace who had been their neighbor. Since she didn’t have any family, she was taken by Aiden’s family to be part of their own. Instead of allowing her to commute, her grandmother had insisted her to live in the dorms and finally live her life and not worry about her.

Here comes Liam – a college senior and the star quarterback of his college football team. According to rumors, he’ll be the first round draft pick for the NFL after graduation. He’s much focused and one thing he wanted to achieve and has been working on is for him to make it to the NFL. That is until he met his sister’s roommate Allison – suddenly his priorities started not to matter, for there is this one girl who he could not get out from his mind. He does not do relationships, but Allison wanted it all. Will he risk it and everything he worked for to get the girl? 
Allison grew up without a family, and she wanted was one. For the first time, she wanted someone else too. Liam was someone from her dreams – a prince charming. The only problem is that, he was to focus on sports that he wasn’t sure if he was ready to commit himself. I liked Allison – especially when she knew what she’s worth and would never settle for less. She was attracted to him and somehow she knew it was futile to fight the attraction. But she tried, set some rules, and took the risk. I adore her friendship with Aiden, it was safe, secure and real. I would love for them to get together – but seeing her with Liam, there is an unmistakable sparks that is missing from her and Aiden.
I love how the both of them handled their relationship. They did not rush it. They took their time until their ready. But once they were into it, it was just pretty amazing relationship. (Yes!!! It’s a kind of relationship you’d want for your own) Liam can be over protective at times but he does it because he was totally into her. I wanted to read and I am so hoping it would be Hales and Aiden next. It’s something I am looking forward to.  
I enjoyed reading Anywhere with You – it was off-the charts sweet, not to the point of cheesy. It is a feel-good novel that will make you fall in love with both characters and the people that is surrounding them. There is no over-dramatics that will make your heart ache so much. Instead, this novel with make you smile, swoon at most times and just add some extra beats to your heart. 

“Liam, Hales is already in there asleep. After we got your text she was wiped out, so I convinced her to go on to bed. I had to promise that if anything changed, I would wake her up.”

Fuck! I want Allison in my bed. I want to take care of her. I turn and headed back towards the living room, she can sleep on the couch and I would take the chair.

“Um, Liam, Blitzen is here, remember?” Aiden smirks. He knows this is killing me and he’s enjoying the hell out of it.

“Fine,” I mumble as I walk into his bedroom. I lay Allison down on the bed. As I do, she reaches for me.


“Shh. You’re in Aiden’s room,” I tell her.

“Here,” Aiden says handing her a shirt of his to sleep in.

I glare at Aiden and he smirks at me, yet again. He knows what it does to me to have her in his clothes. He knows that I want her in my bed with me. Asshole!

Allison starts to set up. “Let me help you.” I lean down and place my arm around her back and gently lift her so that she is sitting on the side of the bed.

She looks up at me with a small grin, “Are you going to help me change?” My heart stops. This beautiful amazingly sexy creature is looking at me with innocent trusting eyes asking me to help her remover her clothes for bed. Before I can get my brain to function so that I can respond, Aiden is protesting.

“Ash, I can go get Hales, she just laid down I’m sure she wouldn’t mind helping you,” Aiden suggests.

Allison looks at Aiden like he is crazy. “Why would I wake her when Liam can help me? she says it so matter of fact like me undressing her is a normal as breathing. My stalled heart is now thundering in my chest. Its beating so loud, I am sure that they can both hear it. Somehow I am able to make myself speak above the thunder inside my chest. I cup her cheek in the palm of my hand “I can get Hales if that would make you feel more comfortable.” Please say you still want me to do it. Hell yes, I am being selfish but my protective instincts are in overdrive when it comes to Allison. I will always want it to be me.

Kaylee has had a passion for reading since she was a little girl.  That passion has slowly led to spinning romantic tales, and a one-click addiction.  When she doesn’t have her nose stuck in her kindle or fingers glued to the keyboard, you can find Kaylee hanging out with friends and family.  She loves all genres of music, enjoys scrapbooking and is a huge football fan.  She lives in Ohio with her husband (her real life happily ever after) and their rambunctious little boy.
 Kaylee is releasing her first book Anywhere With You August 27, 2013.


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