19 September 2013

Incomplete by Lindy Zart - Book Tour, Book Review, Giveaway, Top Tens

By- Lindy Zart
Expected Publication Date-Fall 2013 

There are three absolute truths in Grayson Lee’s life:

 1. His existence was a mistake.

2. No one is good enough for his best friend, Lily Jacobs, especially not him.

3. He loves her anyway.

WARNING: This book can make you...

First was the blurb, then the cover but reading this novel – argh. You broke my heart Lindy Zart!!! And I could still hear it breaking up to now.

Once again, you had me at awe, first was Take Care, Sara – now Incomplete.

One thing I have learned about being noble: It blows.
My sentiments exactly – this is where their problem started: sometimes you don’t get to decide what is best for the person. He or she may not need the best, and just needs you. 
 Grayson and Lily had been best friends for a very long time. Just like the old plot, he fell in love with her. HARD. CONSUMING. INTENSE. But he’s not acting on it – he’s not good enough for Lily (no one else is for that matter). He has a lot of problems at home, he’s going to California after graduation and their friendship? It’s too perfect to be messed up. 
Lily was something else. I love her character – she’s shy, kindhearted, down to earth, a really great friend, she easily forgives and understood. Grayson may have hurt her feelings and broken her heart with his words – but she knew deep inside how he felt and she was willing to fight and take a risk on him. 
 But sometimes, loving means letting go, even if it hurts, even if it kills you. Will their love be strong enough to withstand this? Or will the pain of letting go shred them apart? 
 I would love to have this in alternating POV and knowing what’s inside Lily’s mind too. But being inside Grayson’s mind and knowing what makes him do and decides on some stupid things allows me to understand him better. He might have pissed off me at one time or the other – I wanted him to finally make up his mind and decide or open his mind and see reason. Overall, however, he’s a great guy, who’s not lucky enough to have good parents. He tasked himself in taking care of his younger brother and protecting him from all the shenanigans that is happening inside their house. 
 Both of them wanted the best for each other, but the BEST is tearing them apart. Incomplete is a story about friendship, family and love. It’s about letting go, selflessness, and sacrifices. It’s about Grayson and Lily who finally found love in each other but is tested by fate.

Lindy Zart had wowed me AGAIN with her emotionally-gut-wrenching words, heartbreaking scenes and strong characters. I don’t know what to expect with the ending. So I held my breath until I reach the final page - it was bittersweet, but perfect. I can’t wait until the next book!

*ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

“So you’re suddenly talking to me?” Her face scrunches up.


“You tell me to leave you alone—“ Lily takes a step toward me.

“I didn’t—“

“You tell me I disgust you—“ She is almost to me now.

“Say that. I—“

“You want absolutely nothing to do with me for weeks, but now you’re blocking the exit? What are you—“

“Just need to talk to you. It’s not—“


“What you think. Or maybe it is…” I trail off, the silence between us profound, awkward.

Lily shoves me hard. My legs get tangled up in the cart and I land on my ass on the cold linoleum.

“I guess I deserved that.”

10 Things That Completes Lindy Zart's Day

1. I have to have coffee before I can function properly, and even then, it takes me a while.

2. My boys. I have to get smiles and hugs from them.

3. Music. I need it, can’t live without it.

4. I must write. Every day.

5. Pizza. Pizza completes ME, not just my day.

6. Exercise. Ugh. Okay, ugh sometimes, other times I’m cool with it.

7. Supernatural. What? It completes me, like pizza. Kind of. Or something.

8. Smoothies! I love fruit and vegetable smoothies! My favorite is pineapple, banana, vanilla yogurt, spinach, and ice. Yum. No lie.

9. Books. But that was kind of obvious. You must love to read to love to write.

10. Social media. I.E. Facebook. Sadly enough.

Lindy Zart has been writing since she was a child. Luckily for readers, her writing has improved since then. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two sons, and one cat. Lindy loves hearing from people who enjoy her work.


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