16 September 2013

The Space In Between by Brittany C. Cherry - Book Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

New Adult Contemporary
Date Published: 9/17/2013

ANDREA EVANS is traumatized and guilt-ridden by the death of her fiancée. Tired of the gossiping small town, she travels to New York City to pursue her dream of dance. When her dreams don’t instantly come to fruition, she ends up working at a strip club with her best friend. 
He’s uncertain of his future. 

COOPER DAVIDSON is a famous photographer and reality television star trying to flee from his own life filled with paparazzi, mental health clinics, and a cheating wife who is pregnant. 
When Andrea and Cooper’s paths cross, they realize how damaged and in need of escapism they both are. The two create an arrangement to explore the space in between chaos and order with one another. The rules are simple—no emotional connections, no talking about the past, no speaking of the future, and when one finds order, the other walks away. 

All is well until Cooper falls in love with Andrea. Will Andrea open up and let someone else into her closed off heart? Can Cooper stop the tabloids and his crazed wife from exposing his past and painting Andrea as a prostitute to the world before her life spirals back down to the land of chaos? 

How can something so sad, so broken can be so beautiful? If you ask me one word to describe The Space In Between – it’s definitely BEAUTIFUL.


Andrea Evans was supposed to get married in three days, but instead of wearing her white dress, she entered the church in a wheelchair dressed in black mourning for the loss of her fiancé. Tired from being pitied upon and the subject of the gossips, she went to New York to pursue her dance. But living in the Big Apple wasn’t that easy. She ended up in a strip club with her best friend.

Cooper Davidson wished he misheard his wife when she told him she was pregnant. That is not possible. His wife just cheated on him, he is chased down by paparazzi, and finally found himself locked in a mental clinic, meeting Jesus Christ. Could life get nastier than this? 

Andrea loves to run away from problems, but for someone who’s engaged to her long-time sweetheart and suddenly found herself fiancé-less, it’s understandable why she needs to protect herself from getting hurt again. She’s passionate, a great friend and a broken soul. Cooper, my new book boyfriend, he’s a bit crazy, but he’s pretty sweet. He will do everything to protect Andrea from harm. He once let her go, but now, he’s willing to risk it all to have her. If it’s only that simple.

I also love the secondary characters, especially Andrea’s best friend, Ladasha is a treasure. Anyone would be lucky to have her – she’s caring, thoughtful, fiercely loyal and a really tough girl. She gave advice but doesn’t push. She doesn’t take sh*t from anyone. She came from a not-so-nice background, but it motivated her to become a better person. The strength of her character is what exactly Andrea needed to survive the fast-paced, crazy life in New York.

I’m your best friend. I can talk to you however the hell I want. Wake up, Andrea. And don’t try to push me away because I’m like cockroaches in the ghetto. I’ll keep popping up unwelcome.
They met in the least likely place Cooper expected to Andrea, in a strip club. They are both broken and in dire need of any form of escape. Thus began their arrangement. They were not friends, so I can’t call it friends-with-benefits. They have sex without emotional connection, no talking about personal stuffs, no reminiscing the past, no looking forward in the future – the moment one finds order, the other must walk away.

Indeed sex was the perfect escape for the both of them. Andrea no longer dwells so much on her ex-fiancé and Cooper forgets about his blackmailing wife. Everything was just fine until Andrea was forced to go home, and Cooper was feeling something else. How will two broken people find love in each other? Will they give in or just walk away? Secrets are about to be revealed, hearts are about to get broken, someone is out to take revenge, new loves are about to be found and a lot more twists that will leave you glued to your seats.

I love the plot, the pacing, the characters, the twists, the steamy scenes and everything in between. I didn’t have the heart to put it down. I couldn’t wait to get to the ending. Once I was there – there’s a sense of peace, order – something that both characters truly deserved. The Space In Between is a story about moving on, letting go, and second chances. Sometimes, we need to let go of the hurt to give space for love, let go of the past to give space for the present and the future. 

*ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

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Brittainy Cherry has been in love with words since the day she took her first breath. She lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her loved ones and loves a great romance. The Space In Between is her debut novel and she looks forward to the world being able to read it!  Other hobbies that she loves to take part in are writing screenplays, acting, and dancing—poorly of course. 


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