23 September 2013

Love Interrupted by A.J. Warner - Book Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

 Logan Brooks and Andrew Eastin shared a once in a lifetime love. After losing her parents and overcoming many obstacles, she could not handle the possibility of losing him, too. She loved him enough to walk away, for both of their sakes. 
As tragedy strikes again, Logan is on a downward spiral. Andrew knows she needs protection from herself, and he needs to love her through it, even if only from a distance.  
When fate intervenes and allows them a second chance at love, will Logan and Andrew risk it? The Attraction is undeniable. The sexual tension, relentless. She is everything he has ever wanted. He sweeps her off her feet, renewing all that was lost. 
Andrew promised her forever, but can words ever be enough? Can love prevail when life has different plans—bringing on more pain and emotions than imaginable? When lies and deceit corrupt the one thing sacred to them, plans will be ruined, promises will be broken, and hearts will be shattered. 
What happens when the unknown threatens all of their dreams? Will Logan and Andrew survive their love, interrupted?

I must say – you had me in knots, A.J. Warner. 
 I always loved books about second chances – and I love it more when the author would offer something new and different from the rest of the books that I have read. 
 Logan Brooks and Andrew Eastin shared a love that a few are lucky enough to find – theirs was a young love filled with so much emotion and devotion. They have been through a lot, especially when Logan lost both parents and was suddenly responsible for her younger brother, Jay. One day, out of the blue, Logan walked out on him. It left him in pieces – broken and lost. 
 When tragedy strikes Logan’s life once again, Andrew came back. Once again taking care of her and letting her weep into his arms. No matter how much she pushed him, he didn’t falter – he remained beside her.   
 They were given another chance at love, another chance to be with each other. But their pasts are filled with secrets that can cost them a whole lot more. Will they be willing to risk it all for the sake of love or will they walk away? 
 Seeing Andrew face to face brought back good and painful memories. The attraction, the strong emotions and the sexual tension is still present between them. Andrew was everything she could ever want. 
 Just as when everything seems perfect, problem arises. Secrets and lies are revealed, deceptions are unraveled, promises are broken and hearts are crushed. They promised each other forever, but with everything that is happening and fate driving them apart, forever is far from their reach. Will their love survive it? 
 I heart both characters – Logan is a runner, but she had suffered a lot of loss, and I think she just needs to protect her heart from another one. I wanted to know the reason why she left him. They had an almost perfect-relationship and she had a wonderful man beside her, why leave it all behind? Logan loves Andrew and just wanted the best for him. Sometimes the best is not always what we wanted. 
 Andrew, on the other hand, I totally love this man – how he had shown his commitment to Logan, the way he took care of her, protected her and how he wooed her back into his arms – he was sweet, kind, thoughtful and he would do anything for her. He is now my current book boyfriend.

I finished this in one sitting – I couldn’t put in down because I wanted to know BADLY how things will end for the both of them. Somehow, I had a feeling that the author will left me either panting for more of the characters or hanging for the next series to arrive. Which one was it? Well, you must read to find out.  
 Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading this novel – the plot was great, the pacing was okay, the characters were amazing (except for some whom I'd like to snap out from the book and beat the hell out of them), the steamy scenes were sexy (nothing sordid - I adore their sexting). I felt my heart shattered to a million pieces, I swooned, and I fell in love. I must say by the end of the book, AJ Warner truly had me in pieces. I can’t wait to read your next work!


*ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

 He gently tipped my head back and lightly placed his mouth over mine. I felt a cool rush of liquid flow into my mouth, and drip past my bottom lip. Reflexively, my tongue shot out again, and met with his. He proceeded to slowly lap up the wayward wine, nipping, and kissing his way back up to my mouth. I shivered. Heat was pooling at my center. His lips found mine. As our tongues engaged in a dance, intertwining and caressing, his hand slowly trailed up my thigh, ushering my dress up with it. He placed his other hand at the nape of my neck. Our kiss was slow, and intimate. He was taking his time exploring my mouth. I could hear the sound of running water in the distance, maybe a stream of some sort. I was not sure but it only added to the intense moment. Andrew let out a slight growl, the sexiest sound I had ever heard. 

In response, I moaned into his mouth, and Andrew lowered us both to the ground. I found myself lying on my back, feeling him hovering over me. Our mouths never parted, his hands never left my body. The kiss grew deep, intensifying with each movement. Gently grazing up the side of my thigh, his hand slowly found the elastic band to my panties and he gently slid a finger along the edge. Instantly my stomach clenched at the tingling sensation blazing across it. My breath caught when he reached the spot just below my navel. Still blind folded, my pulse quickened, and every sense in my body heightened. I needed to see his face, wanted to see him looking at me. Within seconds, I felt the blindfold slip over the top of my forehead. He took his mouth from mine long enough to look at me, another silent understanding. I was lost in him, taken away from everything but us. We were all tongues, and hands, both working in perfect unison. It was a full on make-out session. The kind that you live for when you’re sixteen; the kind that sends butterflies scurrying in your stomach. Intense sensation engulfed my entire being. I could feel his erection pressing into my thigh, and as I lifted my hips beneath him, he slowly pulled himself away from me.

A.J. was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. Four years ago, she relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth area with her husband and four wonderful children, Hayden (15), Jacob (13), Riley (11), and Isaiah (10).

A.J. is passionate about working with people with disabilities, and has a long time love of working with munchkins. She currently owns and operates a childcare facility in North Central Texas.

When she is not busy breaking up fights about who is mom’s favorite, or who ate the last bowl of Fruity Pebbles, A.J. enjoys reading and writing. She also likes chatting and laughing with her book club friends. Love Interrupted is her first book and she is currently working on her second and third novels.

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