20 September 2013

What's A Girl To Do? by Aimee Duffy - Book Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

What’s a Girl to Do?
Indecent Proposals Series Book One
By: Aimee Duffy
Harper Impulse
Releasing August 29th, 2013

 The first novella in a thrilling, pulse-racing new erotic romance series, Indecent Proposals. Three best friends, Shey, Eloisa and Georgia take on the most powerful and eligible men of the New York dating scene.

Perfect for fans of bestselling erotic romance authors Sylvia Day and E.L. James!

'I'm not coming over.' Shey replied confidently.
'Then maybe you could return the favor now.'
Wait, he didn't mean...
'Slide your hand beneath your panties and tell me how ready you are for me.'
Oh my god, he did.

Single Manhattanite Shey Lopez doesn't do one night stands, or have relationships she can't control. Especially if giving in to playboy Calvin Jones means losing her heart in the process.

However, Mr Won't-Take-No-For-An-Answer always gets what he wants and there's only so many times a girl can resist such an enticing proposal...

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Shey Lopez grew up feeling inept. Her mother pretended to her sister and cannot seem to stop herself from pointing out Shey’s flaws. Not to mention, now that she’s working, her boss piles his supposed-work on her table and let her work on it. She was over-worked, underpay and have no time for any relationship, most especially one night stands. 
 Calvin Jones doesn’t want a relationship either, nor he wants monogamy. He had done it with relationships after his messy divorce. It was some hell that he didn’t want to go through again. All he wanted was one hard f**k. No strings. No commitments. Now if he can only convince Shey. 
 It took one touch for the whole thick tension to blow into their faces. It was totally HOT! Good thing Calvin is very persuasive and doesn’t take no for an answer – he doesn’t even force her.  I understood why Shey is insecure and has her doubts, but I like her still. She was a nice person and tried her best to stand her ground. But Calvin – he was just irresistible. If looking at him makes heart flutter, him touching, tasting her nearly brought her heart attack. 
 The  sex just gets better, Calvin gets closer, her mother came into the picture and her boss is being an a**.  Her plate is full, her emotions are in turmoil, and she was not sure what to do with Calvin. 
 Question is, until when? Can she be able to separate her feelings from sex? Will what they have ever be enough? 
 It’s short, sexy, sweet and a whole lot of hotness. The steamy scenes will have your heart racing and panties melting. What’s a Girl to Do? Isn’t just about sex. This is a story about a girl who finally found the courage to live life, take risk and fall in love. If the first book is this nice, I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. 
 *ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

About me (snooze—can you tell I hate the me stuff? Lol)

For as long as I can remember, I've had a good book in my hands. In primary school I loved Roald Dahl. In high school my English teacher introduced me to Charles Dickens, Stephen King, Jane Austin, Emily Bronte, and Shakespeare. It was then that I discovered my love for romance and I've wanted to pen my own imaginary heroes and heroines for others to enjoy ever since. Only in the last few years was I lucky enough to meet some fabulous and encouraging people to help me gain the skills to make that dream possible.

I live in sunny Scotland in a small town near the Ochils and work nine to five in a solicitors office. In my free time, you'll find me on Facebook, stalking *cough* following friends on Twitter, and may even catch me shoe shopping.

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