08 September 2013

Drawn To You by Robin Shaw - Book Review

First book in the Paloma's Edge companion novel series. 
Bethany Pruitt has been judged for her mother's actions ever since she could remember. When she returns from college in Miami to Franklin Parks, her hometown, for the summer, she doesn't expect to find the only home she's known to be motherless and empty. By another turn of events, she decides to accept an invitation from her uncle to stay at Paloma's Edge, Florida. 

Chase Lovell lives for the present and doesn't think about much else. When he goes to see his coach for a meeting, a female standing at the end of a long bus line at his college sparks his interest and earns his respect. Intent on approaching her, he misses his chance, and assumes that he'll never see her again. When Pierce, his best friend asks him to pick up his cousin, Beth, from Franklin Parks and drive her to Paloma's Edge, he can't deny that this is the girl he's been drawn to. 

But will Chase do whatever it takes to keep the girl he's found again? 
**Mature Content** Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations and strong language. 

 Bethany Pruitt had an unusual relationship with her mother. It doesn't matter what other people thought about her mother or her - or how they would judge her base on her mother's actions. They were okay - or at least she thought until she arrived home from college to Franklin Parks for the summer to find the only home she has to be motherless and literally wiped out. Her mother had left her to follow her heart!!! A blessing in disguise came when her uncle sent out an invitation for her to stay at Paloma's Edge in Florida. 

Chase Lovell already caught a glimpse of the beautiful woman his friend sent him out to pick up. When he does to see his coach for a meeting, a girl caught his attention at the end of a bus line - he missed his chance in meeting her that time. But looks like fate is on his side and is giving him another chance. There's some problems though - he's Pierce's cousin, and his friend might not agree on what's running on his mind. Not to mention Cassidy is after him - she'd do anything to get into his pants, even lie and cost him the chance that he craved from Beth. And lastly, there's his past - a past he wanted to forget and is catching up to him.

Sexual Chemistry has never been that frustrating like what is sizzling between these two. Chase has been celibate for quite a while and he wasn't in a rush to sleep with Beth. He bid his time, build the tension and finally when they did it - fireworks were all over the place.
We are introduced to a lot of characters in Drawn to You, and I have grown fond with some of them, especially with Jake, Mariska and of course Pierce. I couldn't wait to read their installments.

In Drawn to You, both characters have problem with their families. I couldn't imagine growing up with parents like theirs because luckily, despite the imperfections and all - my parents gave me all the love and support I need. Growing up with a mother who thinks about herself more than you, or parents who throws you out of the house because you did something stupid (well, very stupid) is just very hard and might f***ed up a lot of people. I'm glad these two found love and security with each other.
*ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.
Robin Shaw is an independent romance author. She is also an animal lover and a food enthusiast. Drawn To You is the first book in the Paloma's Edge companion novel series.

Check out an excerpt of the second installment in the series 
(Hunter & Mariska) on the author's website!

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