23 October 2016

ARC Review | Love at First Sit by Ysa Arcangel (@Ysa_Arcangel)


Roxanne Mabini, joined a speed-dating event just for fun and to get "speed-dating" checked off her bucket list. She wasn't looking for anything.

...Until the devastatingly handsome bartender, Aloysius "Wish" Gregorio, stepped up to fill in for the lack of male participants, mesmerizing Roxanne. Literally, he was every girl's wish.

Finally, she's met a man who shares her interests. But will a girl whose heart has been shred to pieces learn to trust and love again?

When Roxanne's first love, Chris, drops back into her life, old flames reignite. Chris has been waiting for the right time ever since he was forced to leave her, and now he aims to win her back.

Will the chemistry and powerful connection between Roxanne and Wish be strong enough to fight the old flame that is once again burning bright?

Roxanne must make a big decision: provide a complete family to her children, or share her life with her heart's desire. Will she find love, lose it, or know when to walk away? 

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Roxanne is a single mother to an amazing set of twins. She was left by her childhood sweetheart when she was pregnant with them, and she tries to be the best single mom there is. She put all her focus on her children, and closed off her heart to take a chance on love.

Love finds you when you least expect it, most especially in Speed Dating, an event she was forced to attend by her friend. There she met Aloysius “Wish” Gregorio who sat as one of her speed dates. And despite the attraction, she was still wary of him. After all, she has some responsibilities some hot, young men don’t want.

But Wish proved to be different as he starts to break the walls that she built around him. He was very determined and persuasive, but didn’t push. He was really patient, and he was the kind of man you would bring home to your mother. The kind who isn’t scared of responsibilities and would take on any challenges just to have you.

Then, the old flame who left her when she was pregnant came back – and everything Wish built was about to crumble in front of him. Who will Roxanne pick? Exciting, frustrating, but definitely worth the read!

This is my third Ysa Arcangel book, and every book she wrote (that I read) is incredible. This one is no different. Love at First Sit is filled with emotions, and she proudly shows off Filipino customs and values. You can easily put yourself in the shoes of the characters, and fall in love with them despite of their imperfections.

4.5 Stars 

Ysa Arcangel is a Filipino author based in Manila. She works as a Spanish-English GDS Helpdesk by day and a writer by night. She is a loving partner to a chef and a mom to three amazing kids. 

She enjoys creative writing and uses her obsessive nature by writing contemporary paranormal and romance fiction with lots of laughs, tears and sighs showcasing sweet, funny and badass female leads with raunchy and hot male love interests whether human or supernatural.

She's a lover of coffee, tattoos, and giant dogs. She is also an extreme sports enthusiast. When she's not writing, you can see her spending time with her family, reading, or having TV series marathons.

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