14 March 2016

Book Review | Fly by Molly McLain (@MollyMcLain)


Meet Colton Wade, FMX rider...

I’m just a small town guy who caught a lucky break. Now I’m living the dream, on the brink of high-flying super-stardom. But something’s missing.

That something is Taylor.

She’s my best friend. The one who makes me want to push harder and higher. The one I fall back on when shit gets tough. The one I’d give it all up for.

I’d do anything to protect her. To make her dreams come true too.

But a single night changes everything.

And now the one she needs protection from...is me.

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Colton Wade had made it to the top. He was now one of the big shot FMX rider, but he always comes back home – to the person who always had his back: Taylor, his best friend for a long time. She had been his entire support system, the person who motivates him, supports him and loves him. He’d do anything to protect her, including from himself.

As for Taylor, her life is in shambles. She wanted to do something for herself, to achieve her dreams, to finally get out of town, but moral obligation seems to be stopping her. The only good thing that has been happening to her lately is Colton.

They have been dancing around their feelings for a couple of years, and no one was brave enough to cross the line between being friends and lovers. Until they finally took the leap. And here I was, thinking everything would be amazing after they got together, but I was so wrong!

I was glad our girl was finally brave enough not to settle for anything less. She wanted the whole thing – every single inch of him. When he couldn’t do it due to reasons I couldn’t fathom, she let him go and get on with her life, only to get a shocking surprise that might change her life around.

I have always loved friends-turned-lovers plot, it might be cliché, it might be old – but the magic still works. Just like FLY, I loved it: it’s emotional, a rollercoaster ride and it ends with a jaw-dropping cliff hanger. Oh yes, you heard me right, cliff hanger. Nevertheless, it had me panting for the next one.  Hope I don’t have to wait that long. 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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