28 June 2015

Double Book Review | Surviving & Enduring by Michelle Leigh


Emma and her twin brother, Danny, managed to escape the horrors of their childhood and their abusive father when they were sixteen. They have spent the last seven years trying to survive the world and build a better future. When Emma starts a promising new job at the Alexander Marketing Corporation she meets the boss and CEO, Trace Alexander. The chemistry is instantaneous and, although they try to fight the inappropriate attraction, they tumble headlong into a scorching affair. Soon after, menacing events and threats on Emma’s life have them believing that their abusive father has finally found them and wants to punish her for leaving. One bad decision places Emma in the hands of the man she has been running from and threatens her very life.

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After Emma was shot and left for dead in an alley in Seattle, the assumption is that her father has come back to gain retribution for a past wrong. While she’s recovering, Emma stays with Trace at his condo where threats and continued problems seem to plague them. Then, when the problems focus solely on Trace, rather than Emma, they figure out that there’s more threatening these two than just Emma’s past. Now they need to figure out who would want to hurt Trace by hurting the one woman that Trace loves the most.

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22921286Emma and her twin brother, Danny had been through the depths of hell, but they have escaped. They only had each other to lean on since they were kids. For seven years, they have tried to survive and build themselves a better future.

Emma’s world changed when she gets a new job at the Alexander Marketing Corporation and meets the new boss and CEO, Trace Alexander. But there was more to him than just a pretty face. He has a past that seemed to be a little dangerous, not to mention the inappropriateness of the attraction that they shared. There’s that baggage on her as well. Nevertheless, their chemistry was overwhelming, and soon they found themselves succumbing to it.

But just as when they seem to head off to their HEA, threats came in. Danger was lurking in every corner, and was waiting to pounce on them. Was it her past? Or was it his? One bad decision placed Emma in a dire situation and her life in danger. Would she survive? Or will their happy-ever-after end before it even begun?

Emma and Trace – they had this powerful chemistry whenever their together in one room, and tried to fight it because of the circumstances of their work. But it was just too strong to ignore. I love them together, their banters, how they care about each other, and not to mention all those steamy scenes that will get you got all over.

I found it heartbreaking for kids to suffer the kind of experience that Emma and Danny did. It happens a lot, some of us might concern ourselves with it, others might turn a blind eye – but these awful things happen. Michelle Leigh had once again brought it to our attention and snapped us out of our haze. Some of these kids might get lucky, and some not. As for Emma and Danny – they both were. They were children and yet their strength and courage to survive was unbelievable.

More than just a love story, Surviving is a story of survival, a story of a journey of a strong and courageous girl who fought her way (with her brother) for a better future. It’s heartbreaking, especially when the past comes out in the pages, but when you see Emma, and how she’s holding up – you couldn’t be more proud. I can’t help but to get wrapped up in her story, and was thankful enough I had the second book on hand, because when you reach the end of book one, you’d be instantly grabbing for it!

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The second book starts right after the end of the first book – Emma was shot and left for dead in an alley. Was it her father? No one knew because she couldn’t remember a thing.

Soon allegations were pointing out to Trace because of his past. But Emma trusts him implicitly. She knew Trace wouldn’t do anything to harm her. It has to be her dad. While recovering, she stays with Trace. But a whole lot of problems seems to plague them endlessly. And it seems Emma wasn’t just the target. Now they just have to figure out who wants to harm them…

It’s not only Emma and Trace, but there’s Danny and Emma’s friend too. I love her wit and sass, and the both of them are just fun to read about. I see the love and concern coming from Trace, it must drove Emma crazy, but he just wants her safe, and he earned a lot of points for that. He will do anything so that harm wouldn’t come near her.

The second book had me hooked because the mystery is about to unfold. There were a lot of twists and turns, and I had some idea who might that be, only to find out I was wrong. Yep, Michelle Leigh surprised me. There were things I didn’t see coming.

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Michelle Leigh

When I was 15, I was forced to visit the library against my will to find a book for school. I ultimately decided on V.C. Andrews’, Flowers in the Attic. Since the moment I stepped into that mesmerizing world of fantasy, imaginary places, and creative characters, I have wanted nothing more than to write.

I'm currently living in Arizona with my husband and two children. I am a stay at home mom and just received my Bachelor of Science degree in Health Administration.

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