21 June 2015

Blog Tour, Book Review | Fighting to Start by S.L. Ziegler


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Reed "Riker" Collins is my story... The beginning, middle, and end.

Our love was intense, emotional, and raw, the kind that sticks with you forever. I thought we had it all, the thing that would make us last... Until we didn’t.

Reed promised me forever, and I believed him with everything in me. But it's never that easy. Without a second thought, Reed left me to follow his own dream of becoming a professional fighter. Five years of going through life without him has left me only drifting through life, never truly living, leaving me more damaged than ever before. But then, Reed walks back into my life when I needed him the most. Will I be able to forget all the pain he caused? Will he be able to heal the emotional wounds his love had left me with?

Can I fight to start? Or will I end up forfeiting it all just to make it go away?

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Purchase Link: http://amzn.to/1LbYFhF

I'm emotionally exhausted.

It's one of the most emotional, gut-wrenching, heartbreaking stories I have read this year.

It was a struggle as it was a beautiful tale of love. The emotions were intense and most especially the pain. You can feel it in every page, and I think I heard my heart break a couple of times in this book. 

I didn't think anything could go wrong between Hadley and Reed. They were so much in love and perfect for each other. They love each other deeply, madly and truly - what in the would could happen? Life that is. Dreams. Someone thought they need to follow their dreams, someone thought it was better that way, that somehow they will once again cross paths and find their way back into each other. But that someone had thought wrong.

Hadley - ah, she'll win your hearts I loved her fate in their love. She didn't give up at first, until he gave her (or so she thought) the reason to do so. And then everything just spiraled out of control. A whole lot of things happen, that brought Hadley to the lowest point in her life. It was good that she had family and friends who were always there for her, trying to dig her out from whatever she was digging herself into.

Five years, and their paths finally crossed. Things were not they were right now, a lot has already change, and a whole lot of things had happened in their lives individually. Will he ever win her back? Can she ever forgive him for leaving? 


The ending? 

I just knew it. I was struggling, in terrible pain and was hoping to be rewarded with something good - perhaps a happy ending. But no...

Because we are in for the cliffhanger of our lives - so many questions were left unanswered, so many things were left unsaid, and I was in desperate need for their happy-ever-after. How can I possibly wait for Fall 2015?!!!!

Nevertheless, this is the kind of book that despite all the emotional ups and downs this book gave me, the moment you will start reading this book, you will be hooked and can't help but get wrapped in the story, hanging on to every word, to every scene, to every dialogue in it. And if this is what the first installment is like, I wonder if I can handle the next...

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