13 March 2014

Crossing Things OFF My Bucket List.

So I missed some reviews, and posts - BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.

This time - NO BOOKS, NO COMPUTERS, TV - just pure, unadulterated fun.

I'm the person who hated heights and is REALLY afraid of it, but this time, I had conquered my fear once again. For 3 days and 2 nights, I was with my sister and some of my closest friends at work, we went to Mindanao and traveled to some places I have never been to. 

The southern part of the Philippines has a lot to offer -still unspoiled by modernization, we have enjoyed what nature and the locals has to offer. 

We arrived at Laguindingan Airport in Misamis Oriental. It was almost four in the afternoon, it was still hot, but I loved the view. For a moment there, I thought we were landing on water! 

After settling at our chosen inn near the market, we went to Centrio, an Ayala Mall in the heart of the downtown, then off to eat our hearts out and experience HEART ATTACK in Big Flat Bread. The food there was simply to die for, and cheap. I loved the pizza most especially The Godfather!

In the middle of two places. 

Now I felt how Mandy Moore did standing in between two places in the movie A WALK TO REMEMBER, but this time, we were not standing, we were rafting! 

Just before we went rafting!

We were divided into two groups :) 

It was an amazing experience, and next time, I will make sure to try the advance! 
Next stop is the Dahilayan Adventure Park. It was 2-3 hours away from Cagayan, we went through the Del Monte Plantation and I was awed by acres and acres of pineapples and corns! 

Dahilayan Adventure Park is a good place for adventure & adrenaline seekers. I would have loved to do the Zorbit if we had time, but unfortunately, it was 4pm when we arrived, and we just have 1 hour before they close up. It was a little bit cold, or was it me having cold feet? Wasn't quite sure by that time, but I WAS READY to conquer Asia's Longest Zipline and do the Drop zone! 

This is me, after experiencing Asia's Longest Zipline, I think I left my liver somewhere in between.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE, the DROP ZONE. We were raised up to 120 feet, then suddenly made a drop after the rope was pulled. OMG. It was like experiencing orgasm 100x. It was scary, exhilarating and breathtaking all at the same time. I was lucky to share it with a great friend! 

Here is us! 


We checked out at 3am - lack of sleep, but was excited to go to the Falls. TINAGO Falls, it was majestic.  Turquoise-colored water, 434 steps, mountain breeze. I was in heaven. Again, we were swimming in two places at once. We were in the middle of Iligan and Lanao Del Norte. Despite the aching, shaking knees, my near-asthma attack, and a pounding heart - ALL OF IT WAS WORTH IT. There was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Maria Cristina Falls - nature wonder that provided electricity to the locals here. I used to see it in post cards, now I saw it with my own ice. Again, breathtaking!

I went home tired, but with a big smile on my face. Not because I crossed off several things on my bucket list, but because I shared these experiences with people close to me. 

Road Trip. Food Trip. Nature Trip.

One experience of a lifetime!

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