26 November 2013

True Bliss by BJ Harvey - Book Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

She watched her best friend find her superhero.

Now she wants her turn.

Despite a run of bad dates with Mr. Wrong, Mr. Boring, Mr. Bad Breath, Mr. Grabby Hands, and even Mr. Say I Love You After One Date To Get Into Your Pants, Kate McGuinness is more determined than ever to find the one.

Having tried everything else, she turns to the internet in a last ditch attempt to find her elusive prince.

But Kate doesn’t want an everyday, run of the mill love.

She wants the kind of love that makes your heart skip a beat. The kind of love that makes you dance in the rain and bottle up the sunset. The once in a lifetime kind of love that authors write about, musicians sing about, and lovers dream about.

Could a certain police officer in training, who has come to her rescue in the past, be the one to swoop in and save her heart?

What if the love Kate desperately seeks has been in front of her the whole time?

She just needs to open her eyes to see it...

*Disclaimer: This book contains a hot as hell stripper with a penchant for public sex and exhibitionism who may or may not succeed in bringing out the inner firecracker in all of us. Oh, and don't forget the batteries.*

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She’s a dreamer –

She wanted a love like her best friend have…

I don’t just want a good love, one of those everyday loves that you hear about. I want the kind of crazy love we’ve been warned about. The kind of love that makes your heart skip a beat. The kind of love that makes you want to dance in the rain and bottle up the sunset while screaming at the top of your lungs. The kind of love that authors write about, musicians sing about, and lovers dream about. I want true, total body mind and soul bliss.

All she wanted to have was a decent prince charming and her happily ever after. But those stuffs only seem to happen in fairytales. It didn’t deter her though, with all her share of date mishaps, rather than giving up, she’s fiercer and decided to be proactive in finding her perfect match.

Now, she tries online dating, her ultimate last resort to find her prince. But even there, she needed to kiss a lot of frogs, date some trolls before she can have her prince charming.

He’s a protector –

I have met him from Temporary Bliss, and I’d say, he was one of the guys who have caught my attention. Perhaps because he’s the stripper who has a penchant for public – ahem, display of affection. But now, he decided to become a better person, enrolled himself in the police academy and decided to give up stripping right after he finishes it. He likes protecting people, especially his family, including his female siblings, and some friends, most especially KATE, Mac’s best friend.

Even though he was surrounded with a lot of girls, young and old, during his gig, it didn’t stop him from wishing for a perfect girl…

What I really need is a good girl with a naughty side; a girl who can I take home to mom and who I can introduce to my baby sisters, but who is also a firecracker behind closed doors. A girl who has the perfect mix of sugar and spice. That would be my perfect girl.

Both of them have caught my attention in the first book. They are the perfect match for each other, her being the dreamer and him being the protector. I admire her determination to find her HEA, oh she didn’t wait for fate to grant it to her, probably afraid that it would have taken a long time before fate decided to give her what she wanted. Instead, what she did was to find it herself. Then there’s the uber hot stripper, Zander who have wanted her, but decided to take it slow and show her some lovin’ she deserved. I loved how he wooed her, and the sex – aw, it was really WORTH THE WAIT!

But one thing is hanging in between them – Zander needed to tell her his secret. Because LYING? It’s Kate’s ultimate deal-breaker. He needed to man up, tell the truth and prove to her how much she meant to him.

But it’s not just Kate and Zander, we also have Mac and Danny here as well. Mac is still a great friend to Kate, just as the latter was to her in the first book. Despite the fact that she was pregnant and was busy with her Superman, she was still there when Kate needed her the most. She’s their number one cheerleader, and supporter. Mac and Zander had become great friends. I love the bonus chapters at the end of the novel…

Ah yes, BJ Harvey had given me a True Bliss with an amazingly crafted love story that will make you swoon with passion, wet with desire and wishing for your own prince charming as well. 

★ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.★

I could tell she wasn’t feeling it, or him. She was so stiff and unanimated, nothing like the Kate I’ve seen before. I also noticed her looking my way a few times...everything points to Miss Kate trying out internet dating.

I send Mac a text knowing that whatever Kate was up to, Mac would likely know.

Zander: Mac, is Kate dating old guys now?

Mac: Um, what?!? Of course not. She never goes for older than 30. Why’s that?

Zander: Saw her at 42nd St Bar with a guy well into his 40s

Mac: OMG. It was a blind date, off the internet. He must’ve lied on his profile.

Zander: What site?

Mac: Why???

Zander: Just curious.

Mac: Curious or interested?

Zander: Does it matter which one?

Mac: Chicago Singles Online. Tread lightly with her, okay? But if you’re interested in her, let her know.

Stop matchmaking, Mac. Talk to you soon.
Indie Author hailing from the most beautiful country in the world, New Zealand. 

Avid reader, television watcher, and facebooker. Having been writing off and on for a long time but started writing fiction in 2012. I love music too, like REALLY love music, if there isn't music playing, something is wrong. And it’s a wide range of music too, I might surprise you. 

I'm a wife to one husband, mother of two gorgeous girls, self-employed doing communications and business consulting as well as studying accounting full time. 

Addicted to energy drinks, chocolate, cronuts, Vampire Diaries and pickles with mustard. 



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