29 November 2013

Chica Bella by Carly Fall - Book Review

Landon “Blackhawk” Walker is ready to get out of the Navy SEALs. He has seen and done enough, and can’t wait to get to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where three tasks await him: get back into civilian mode, take a boat out to the El Arco Rocks, and win back the heart of the woman he lost because of his career.

Maya Gonzalez has tired of the heartbreak that comes with Landon’s deployments year after year. When he walks back into her life, she cannot deny her heart, despite her reservations.

As they lose themselves in each other and the beauty of Cabo, their passion is rekindled once again, but Maya knows that one phone call means deployment for Landon, putting an end to their reunion, and possibly their relationship.

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A SEAL who is ready to give up his duties, a woman who is tired of being left , and one exotic place = Chica Bella.

Landon “Blackhawk” Walker is tired. He is in his 30s but felt like he is in his 70s. He is tired of deployment, of witnessing the horrors that war can inflict on a person. He thinks he had done his duty to his country, and it was time to do his duty to himself. He can’t wait to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and win back the heart of the woman he left behind because of duty.

A beautiful local, Maya Gonzales is tired of waiting. She’s tired of waiting for Landon, for the news of him, for being fearful for his life. She’s tired of getting her heart broken the moment he leaves again for his deployment. She swore, she would never let him in her life again. But the moment she saw him back in town – the old feelings, starts to come back. She couldn’t deny the attraction, emotions and the tension that is simmering between them. So despite her best judgment, and hesitations – she once again let him in.

Once again, their passion has been renewed as they spent every single waking moment enjoying themselves in this magical place. But Maya had left her heart guarded because she knew, it would just take one phone call for him to pack his bags and once again leave her behind.

Set in a romantic vacation spot, Chica Bella is a short, hot and romantic read. It’s a story of love, sacrifice and second chances.

★ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.★
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