29 June 2013

Book Tour: A Wedding in Valentine by Emma Cane

Title: A Wedding in Valentine
Author:  Emma Cane
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  June 11, 2013
Publisher: Avon Impulse an imprint of HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062264656

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In A Town Called Valentine, Emily Murphy has an unexpected encounter (with the sexy Nate Thalberg) that changes everything. Now, in A WEDDING IN VALENTINE (Avon Impulse; on sale June 11th, 2013; e-book isbn: 9780062264657; $1.99; mm paperback on sale July 2nd, 2013 isbn:9780062264664; $3.99) she and Nate are tying the knot, and it’s a celebration Emily’s best friend Heather Armstrong won’t miss—and will never forget!

Heather had never done anything out of the ordinary, but there was just something about that cowboy in the airport seven months ago she couldn’t resist. Cowboy Chris Sweet hasn’t been able to get the beautiful redhead out of his mind since that steamy night. Now to Chris’ surprise, she’s in Valentine—for his sister’s wedding!

Keeping the one night stand a secret the whole weekend will be hard, but denying their attraction for each other—nearly impossible! What’s in store for Heather and Chris? Will the romantic weekend in the charming town of Valentine sway Heather into taking another chance at love?

A WEDDING IN VALENTINE is brimming with sweet romance and sexy cowboys that will keep readers revisiting the town of Valentine time and time again.

 (Paperbacks not available until July 2) 

A Wedding in Valentine is a short, quick, sweet read. If it was longer, I wouldn't really mind because their history piqued my curiosity. Although their first meeting was not as interesting as their second meeting. Nevertheless, for my first time - I wasn't at all disappointed. 

Heather came down to Valentine to attend Emily's wedding, only to find the man - who never called her after their brief hot-interlude one winter night they were stranded in the airport - was there as well! It seems that Chris Sweet is Emily's brother! How can she possibly survive the wedding with him looming around her? 

Heather came down to Valentine to attend Emily's wedding, only to find the man - who never called her after their brief hot-interlude one winter night they were stranded in the airport - was there as well! It seems that Chris Sweet is Emily's brother!

I ♥ cowboys, don't you?
Instant chemistry sparked between them when they first met seven years ago, or at least that is what Heather thought. Until she haven’t heard from him after she left her number. Meeting him again had her stomach in knots. It has been months since she last saw him, but he still has the same effects on her. How can she possibly survive the wedding with him looming around her? 

On the other hand, our sweet, hot and nice cowboy couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the woman who he couldn’t stop thinking about. Yes, definitely a small world considering the woman who has left him alone in the hotel room without looking back is one of Emily’s bridesmaids.

Seven months of frustration and heartache – seven months of miscommunication. Can they survive the weekend? As the weekend goes, both of them finally had the chance to talk and sort everything out. The heat sizzles between these two once again – but can Chris convince Heather to stay at Valentine?

To end, I enjoyed how the story went. I love how Emily’s wedding preparations were done, including the activities prior to the wedding where Heather was paired with Chris and his equally hot, dangerously flirt brother, Will. Talk about competition and more awkwardness. The more they avoid each other, the more fate throws them back together.  It may be short, and I have this crazy urge to meet Emily and Nate as well, but I still love it.


Emma Cane was born in Erie, a small Pennsylvania town on beautiful Lake Erie, where the sunsets are some of the best in the world. Though Emma enjoyed figure skating and skiing (good sports in the northeast), she brought a book everywhere she went, usually science fiction and fantasy. Yes, Emma was a Trekkie. Early in her teen years, she decided maybe she could be a writer, and wrote passionate stories of teenagers in space, first by hand until her fingers cramped, and then on her dad’s manual typewriter, that she still can’t bear to give away. In high school she discovered historical romances, starting with Kathleen Woodiwiss’s Shanna, and Emma never looked back. The first romance she ever tried to write was a historical Western, but now she’s changed to the 21st century, where cowboys can ride pickup trucks as well as horses. Emma fell in love with small-town, heartwarming stories, and created the fictional town Valentine Valley, a small ranching community in the Colorado Rockies, where she sets her novels. A Town Called Valentine was the first in her new series. True Love at Silver Creek Ranch followed in January 2013. Her first novella, A Wedding in Valentine, came out in June 2013.

Emma always wanted a career. She determined she wouldn’t be good at the family business, funeral directing, mainly because a funeral director is a social creature, out in society, joining lots of committees and being involved in the community. She likes to pick and choose her committees (she's served in almost every capacity in her local writers' group) She especially enjoys being at home in the evenings, her face buried in a book. When she went to college, Emma figured it might be difficult to earn a living writing, so she tried many different jobs. After majoring in aerospace engineering and taking all her electives in English, she realized writing was her future. While she learned her craft and raised her children, she worked several jobs, from fitness training to programming computer-controlled machines. She joined her local chapter of Romance Writers of America, found her best friends, and with their help, sold her manuscript to Avon Books. At last, writing has become her full-time career.

Now that her three children are grown, Emma loves spending time crocheting and singing (although not necessarily at the same time), and hiking and snowshoeing alongside her husband Jim and two rambunctious dogs Uma and Apollo.

Emma also writes as USA Today Bestselling historical romance author Gayle Callen.

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