16 June 2013

Book Review: Limits by Steph Campbell & Liz Reinhardt

Title: Limits
Author: Steph Campbell & Liz Reinhardt
Publication Date: June 13, 2013

Genevieve Rodriguez is less than thrilled when her older brother’s best friend, Deo, runs off and marries Whit, the girl who doesn't even deserve him. At least that’s what Gen believes. And so what if everyone thinks it’s just a stupid crush? She’s had a thing for Deo for as far back as she can remember. 

Freshly heartbroken and downright annoyed, Genevieve is also one ‘D’ away from getting kicked out of school. In other words, life could be better for the rowdy, youngest Rodriquez sibling. Her only hope of passing physics is her quiet, nerdy tutor, Adam.

Adam isn't her type at all. He’s too quiet, too polite, and he’d rather stare at lab charts than bother to notice the bustier top so sexy, it turned the head of every guy in a five-mile radius. 
When Adam tells Genevieve that he won’t be back after winter break because his visa is about to expire, the words drop out of her spontaneous, heartbroken mouth before she has the time to think... 

“Marry me.” 

Thinking it’s a joke, Adam gives Genevieve a firm no. But when the joke turns into something more, all bets are off and all limits are broken. Adam may not notice a perfect bustier, but he can’t resist a good argument. And Genevieve has been arguing to get exactly what she wants her entire life.

If you find that one person who believes in you, helps you combat your doubts, lifts you up when you’re ready to lie down and say ‘screw it’? If you find that person, grab tight. So tight. Never let go.
Another great collaboration between two super-amazing authors Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhardt, who am I to let this pass?

I'm on my third installment of the Lengths Series (one of the series I'm looking forward in reading), and so far, I have not yet been disappointed. Reading the blurb after finishing book two - I just knew I need to read this one. 

Genevieve has been forever in love with Deo- and when he married Whit (Lengths #1), she found herself heartbroken. I like Gen's character because she's sweet, generous and possesses a very big heart. But she's selling herself short - underestimating her capabilities. At the start, she felt lost and a step away from flunking her subjects. Good thing there were tutors like Adam. 

I never knew that guys in lab coats and surrounded by petri dishes can be sexy. But I whole-heartedly agree that guys blessed with brains are. Adam -

He's both. There's one problem - but I'm sure you can tolerate it... 
Sometimes it’s amazing how my brain can handle the most complicated scientific problems for hours on end without a hitch, but when it comes to basic human interaction, I have zero skills.
Adam's research is far from over but due to his busy schedule, he forgot about his student visa and now he's about to face deportation. How can he possibly face his father and the rest of his clan going home empty handed and a failure? Even as a child, he wanted to leave Israel, study in the US and become a world renowned scientist whose work is published in various scientific journals. But all his hard work would be put to waste when his visa will expire and he will be forced to come back home. 

But just when everything seems a hopeless case, out of nowhere that wonderful girl whom he tried so hard not to get attracted with proposed marriage to him. He knew it was wrong and it was against the law. But no matter how hard he try to deny it - he wanted Genevieve for himself - and maybe, just maybe they can make this work.

I do love Adam, not just because he's hot and intelligent, but he's also sincere and he's a great ego booster. He sees through Gen's wall and knew that she was more than what she lets on. He wasn't afraid to push her to be at her best. Although Deo was amazing, he wasn't the one for Gen. Adam is. 

This type of situation Gen and Adam found themselves with is not uncommon in the United States. Some would even pay for their partners to marry them so that they can have their Green Cards. Only a small number of these people can found themselves in love with each other, some do face deportations and the rest, divorce. 

Although Gen and Adam did start their marriage on the wrong foot - they had try to make things work and I love that they put effort in their marriage, especially Gen. But the stress of immigration is an ax looming in between them. Can they get out of the interview unscathed and finally had his visa approve or will they have to suffer the ramifications of their actions? 

If you loved Depths and Limits from this series, let me assure you that you will love Genevieve's story even more. It's sweet, with steamy scenes that will make your jaws drop, there were some petty fights which is just normal for newly weds, but for people who arranged their marriage for convenience, these two young people made it work. Love, indeed, can see your best even though you are at your worst. It doesn't matter how the relationship started, but how you make things work in between, that matters in the end. 

Yes, I love how the story progressed and how it ended - so far my favorite in the series. 
“There’s no equation that can express how much I love you, doll. No number. There are no limits.”

Some people would argue that a scientist should be more controlled, but the chemicals running through my brain are one hundred percent natural and completely savage. Sometimes science is like that, and that’s when I love it most. 
I think, sometimes when you’re not happy in a place, you’ll look for any excuse to leave. Sometimes that means avoiding the things that might tie you closer to it. 
It’s normal to hate everything when you lose someone you love.

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