31 July 2014

Surrounded by S.C. Ellington - Book Review


Everything was falling into place. Even amongst all the chaos of Washington D.C., Brooklyn and Logan found each other.

Brooklyn never expected Logan...and as it always seems to happen with her...things fell apart. She has been through this before...was she strong enough to do it again?

On the outside, Logan was the epitome of wealth and confidence. Many knew his name but few knew his secrets. He never expected Brooklyn...but now she's walked away. He knew what they shared mattered to her...and she...she mattered to him more.
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 I enjoyed reading Unsettled, and I was looking forward in reading Surrounded, the second book in the series. I was looking forward for Logan’s POV – thank goodness for the dual POV in this book, I was so relieved. I have been wanting to get inside Logan’s brains for ages. He has so many secrets, so many issues and a past that was still blurry in the first book.

It started right about where the first book ended, Brooklyn and Logan are about to live their happily-ever-after. After her devastating heartache, she never expected Logan. He was a pleasant surprise. What they have happened fast, but they were happy. Until, everything fell apart. When I say everything, I really meant everything. Her heart was broken, she lost her job. She decided she had nothing more in Washington and opted to just go home for a while.

If she had only allowed him to explain – it would have saved us all the trouble. But no, she ran away. She left him without telling him what was wrong. And he was left dumbfounded. He tried to give her space, but when everything seems to be running out of hand, and he couldn’t find her anymore, he decided to make his move and followed her.

Logan may have everything in the world, but he only wanted one girl. That is Brooklyn. She was his unexpected, and now she’s gone and had walked away from him. I like that he acted fast, he tried to give space (as healthy as possible), but when it didn’t end well, he rushed to her, and won her back. Not only that, he had won the trust of her family and friends.

Trust has been the issue between the two of them. Thankfully, they worked it out. Conversation and Communication is one of the best foundations of a relationship, so as trust and honesty. It was a small mistake, a misunderstanding that had almost cost them something valuable.

Alex was still a charmer, and she brought nothing but smiles in this novel. She’s really a loyal friend, and you can’t find someone who loves Brooke except for Logan maybe. She would do everything for her friend, and I’m so glad she too is going to get her HEA.

I liked S.C. Ellington after I read Unsettled, and now with Surrounded, I liked her even more. I love the secrets, and the twists. It’s sexy. It’s romantic. It’s sweet. It can be frustrating at times, but S.C. Ellington will make sure you will have everything you need before you close her book. 

•Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.•

S.C. Ellington is an up and coming author who enjoys expressing her creativity through frequently writing adult, contemporary romance novels that readers can relate to, but more importantly, enjoy.

Aside from writing, Ellington enjoys curling up with her e-reader and absorbing herself in novels loaded with emotion, desire, and passion. She also likes to spend sunny, wistful afternoons, in her hammock thinking up new ideas for great stories.

Ellington currently resides on the west coast with her beautiful family and loving friends.

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