11 January 2014

Love Show by Audrey Bell - Blog Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

Author: Audrey Bell
Release date: January 1, 2014
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tour organized by: AToMR Tours 

Hadley Arrington is the career-driven editor-in-chief of her university’s prestigious newspaper. Jack Diamond is a laidback student whose good looks have made things even easier than they need to be. She’s the girl who came out of nowhere and kissed him in the rain. He’s the boy who made her do something crazy.

When the stakes seem too high, they have to decide if they’ll let their love show or if they’ll walk away for good.

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The blurb was short and catchy. A boring girl who did something out of the ordinary, and the guy who made her do so.

Hadley Arrington is an intelligent girl, a career-driven editor-in-chief of the university’s paper and was not really a firm-believer of falling in love. She had watched her mother jump from one man to another, and getting a divorce like it was just an ordinary thing to do. Not really a good example for her. Now all she ever wanted was to graduate, and work as a war correspondent.

Then Jack Diamond comes along. She met him when she kissed him in the rain, then right after that when she was in search of the leaders of the fraternity who was harassing her staff. Little did she know this guy who had given her the best kiss of her life, would change her life.

She didn’t want a relationship, and he was really attracted to her – they made a deal to become friends-with-benefits. But as the time goes by, as they get closer, one or both of them might start to fall. What happens when a girl who doesn’t want to fall in love, suddenly found herself in deep? Would she run away or take the risk?

We are also introduced to her gay friend, David. He was her number-one fan and cheerleader, until it was his time to finally need her. My heart goes out to him. Sometimes when you love someone so much, you get to be so blind about his or her short-comings and you wouldn’

This was not just an ordinary love story between a boy and a girl, this book also discusses controversial social issues with regards to alcohol-abuse, relationship-abuse, gay-relationships, and bullying.

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! I had enjoyed reading this book. She was hardcore and he was totally p*ssy-whipped. It was something else. It was somewhere between a little bit fun and heartbreaking seeing her fight against her feelings, and him trying to be nonchalant about the rejection. She is the type of girl, who despite being intelligent, can be oblivious at times. I was glad Audrey Bell didn’t made Hadley give up her dreams – she made her experience it for her to finally make the right decision in the end of the story. It had taken long enough for her to realize it, but it didn’t matter because everything ended well. 

Audrey Bell is a writer living in New York.

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