25 January 2014

Naked Edge by Charli Webb - Blog Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

Released December 1, 2013

The first time Skylar and Rowdy give themselves to each other completely--heart, mind, body and soul--is also the night Skylar disappears without a trace. Rowdy promised to love her forever. But forever is a long time when you’re only seventeen.

After years of waiting, Rowdy gives up on Skylar and tries to purge her from his memory with cheap tequila and one night stands.

When Skylar finally returns, Rowdy is no longer the shy, sweet boy she fell in love with. He’s bitter, angry and determined to protect what remains of his shattered heart. She’s determined to reclaim it, but first she has to put it back together.

Set in the eclectic town of Eldorado Springs, Colorado and Eldorado Canyon State Park, a rock climber’s paradise, “Naked Edge” is a new adult contemporary romance about perseverance, second chances and the healing power of love.

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Yay. Sorry for the late review up here. It has been a busy week for me…

What can I say about Naked Edge?

Let me start with the cover – it’s sexy, tempting, and shouts “READ ME!”. I don’t have much power to resist it. So, while at the hospital, admitted (reason for this late posting), and I was her personal nurse for the mean time – I had get to have the time reading this one. Good thing my patient was very much asleep, and I get to read this book without any disturbance.


 I have always, always loved these types of plot, and Naked Edge had lived up to my expectations. Love is indeed sweeter the second time around – if only there were no asthma attacks, some psychotic step-sisters and a whole lot of past issues to deal with.

Skylar and Rowdy had been each other’s first when they were seventeen – but that night when they decided to finally get rid of their virginities – Skylar disappeared without a trace. Rowdy tried to stick into his promise of loving and being loyal to her forever – but hormones + tragedy can make you forget about it.

After years of waiting and a series of unfortunate, painful events Rowdy gave up on Skylar and tried to forget about her with sex and booze.

When Skylar finally returned, she was surprised to find Rowdy is no longer the boy she fell in love with. He was no longer the shy, sweet boy – instead, she found him bitter, angry and with a lot of strong walls around his heart. But she was determined to break it all, explain her disappearance and once again have him in her life.

I love the setting, the characters, and the plot. This is one of those books that will set your heart pumping with some unpredictable events going on every now and then. You have the inclination of how evil one character might be, but once the real color would show up, you’d still be surprised, and you’d hate the person even more.

As for our two love birds – I understand why Rowdy hated her, but what I love about this guy is when he finally calmed down, he allowed her to explain… which made all the difference in the world. I also love his friends, most especially Boone and Wade – not to mention Cherri – she’s such a sweetheart. Liking her was even unexpected.

Naked Edge is a story of love and second chances. I look forward for more books from this series, especially from Wade and Cherri! 


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