14 June 2016

Book Review | Underneath It All by Ysa Arcangel (@ysa_arcangel)


A senior at Gates University, Agata Ferrero knows without a doubt that Reeve Gates is off limits…

Students can’t date faculty, and Reeve has been appointed by his father as the new Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. But when a near accident with the front end of Reeve’s sleek sports car brings her in close contact with him, Agata can’t deny the flash of desire that consumes her.

Reeve Gates is a man hell-bent on revenge…

Abandoned in the care of his step-mother as a child, Reeve accepts the position at Gates University for the sole purpose of ruining his father’s career. What he didn’t expect was to be sidetracked by the sultry eyes of a student.

Resisting temptation is even harder than it looks…

When a sorority pledging incident leaves Agata stranded on campus in the middle of a treacherous storm, her better judgment falters and she accepts help from the young Dean she can’t get out of her head. Certain there is a beating heart underneath his stone-cold exterior, she escapes with Reeve on a romantic retreat away from prying eyes.

Blinded by retaliation…

Reeve manipulates his dying father into handing over control of the university—and immediately threatens to shut down the school as a form of cruel payback. His scheme sparks a campus-wide protest that leaves one of Agata’s professors dead and her future hanging in the balance.

Agata must fight to convince Reeve he is capable of forgiveness, and their taboo love is worth more than revenge.

But is there really a bright future awaiting…

Underneath It All…

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It’s a forbidden romance – because for a senior student at Gates University it is strictly not allowed for her to get into a relationship with her new dean, Reeve Gates. But fate has other plans, soon their paths crossed and the attraction was just too powerful to ignore.

But Reeve is an angry man who wanted to seek revenge. After being abandoned in the care of his step-mother as a child, and everything that happened to him in between. I can’t really fault him for that. I have this love-hate relationship against this man whose heart is torn between kindness and anger. I love him because he can be sweet, swoony, and thoughtful guy who loves his dogs and really cares for Gats. But when you get to see the other side of him, it seems like he’s a different human being. I was scared of him. Scared for Gats, that she might be in for a heartbreak.

Gats is a great girl surrounded by a great family and an amazing set of friends. Her relationship with Reeve might have blinded her a little with everything that has been going on around her, but when she finally noticed it, she tries to stop Reeve. She tries to make him understand, to put his feet on the ground, to see reason. She was something magnificent, strong and resilient – just like her parents!

I felt ambivalent seeing Brandy and Ivo – loved that they are together and Ivo stuck with his promise and never left her. At the same time, Brandy was getting on the advance stage of her disease. It’s heartwarming to read that she can remember bits and pieces especially with regards to her relationship with her children. On the other hand, this novel shows how the illness affected her family, most especially her kids. But Ivo, he’s truly, truly, amazing.

I fell in love with Ysa Arcangel’s books when I read Forever Night Stand. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to pick this one as well. Like the previous book, it might be a little long for my liking, but it got me hooked with every single page. Ysa sure knows how to engage her readers, make them root for each characters, make them ache, and make them wonder if indeed, there’s going to be an HEA somewhere. I love the complexity of the story. The engaging twists and turns that pops up in every page now and then, surprising you, making your heart drenched with so much emotion.

You see, I love the epic story of Gat’s parents. It was just amazing. I wonder if hers is going to be as epic as theirs. And indeed, Ysa gave us another love story to swoon on.

Rating: 5 Stars

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• Amazon Paperback: http://amzn.to/1tu7zT8

Ysa Arcangel is a Filipino author based in Manila. She works as a Spanish-English GDS Helpdesk by day and a writer by night. She is a loving partner to a chef and a mom to three amazing kids. 

She enjoys creative writing and uses her obsessive nature by writing contemporary paranormal and romance fiction with lots of laughs, tears and sighs showcasing sweet, funny and badass female leads with raunchy and hot male love interests whether human or supernatural.

She's a lover of coffee, tattoos, and giant dogs. She is also an extreme sports enthusiast. When she's not writing, you can see her spending time with her family, reading, or having TV series marathons.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram  |  Amazon

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