12 January 2016

Book Review | Forever Night Stand by Ysa Arcangel (@ysa_arcangel)


"What the mind forgets, the heart remembers."

Brandy Curtis is a strong and independent career woman who does not care for commitment. She prefers no strings-attached, one night stands because that's all she can give with what little free time she has. This is the life she has chosen and the life she is used to.

However, everything changed when she met Ivo, a gorgeous doctor with irresistible charm. He was just supposed to be another hookup, but he quickly became so much more. The more nights they spent together, the more Brandy felt that life had given her something to live for.

Things seemed perfect… until a visit to the doctor sends her world crashing. The timing couldn't be worse. As her heart gets closer to Ivo, her memories begin to fade.

Will Brandy be able to actually live her life with Ivo… or will she succumb to the condition that threatens to claim her forever? Find out how this touching journey of life and love turns out. Grab your copy now!

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The one question I threw this awesome author in between reads was: WILL MY HEART EVER RECOVER?

I knew I could finish this book in one sitting, I have all the time in the world. But I didn’t. I can’t. I needed to take a rest once in a while, my heart needed it. I had to stop reading and take deep breathes before continuing with the next page.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a softie or a toughie – box of tissues is a must at your side once you started reading this novel. It will tear you into pieces, make you whole and move you.

It started as a one night stand for Ivo and Brandy. It is supposed to stay that way until their one night stand turned into two, then into three and until they could no longer let go of each other.

Brandy initially didn’t want a relationship. She just wanted to have some fun and meet some hot Italian guys during her brother’s wedding in Verona. Her mother was already suffering from Alzheimer’s and she knew what it could to do a person and the people around him/her. To save herself and the other person from heartache and pain – she built walls around her heart and opted for short-term flings. But fate had other things in mind.

The moment Ivo saw her, he knew she was the one. Despite knowing the truth, it didn’t stop him from loving her. Instead, it made him love her more and more – and it’s not just because he wanted to help her. He thought knowing about the disease would make him ready for the worse, but he didn’t expect it that soon.

Would he be strong enough for it?

Ivo has so much love and devotion for Brandy. I think he has enough love for both of them. His feelings for her and her disease were just all over the pages – you can feel the anger, the denial and the hope. He will do everything for her: he will fight for her, fight her battles and even let her go when she needs him to, even if it’s painful for him. His dedication and love for her is overwhelming and it’s the kind of love that can surpass even death.

At first I thought it would be another, “The Notebook” – but no. It might have reminded me of it because of the disease, but somehow this book had brought me to a more complex and exciting ride. This book wasn’t just about love, it is also a book that raises awareness with regards to Alzheimer’s. This is a journey, a rollercoaster ride that will give you a glimpse and let you experience – how is it having that eraser in your brain, or making you feel that deep, piercing ache watching the one you love forget you one day at a time. It might have been a heartbreaking disease, but this book can make you see a rainbow after the storm or even amidst.

I love the ending – it felt so real. It was a happy-for-now kind of ending but it screams with hope and just so much love.

I love the letters more than I did the journal entries. I was glad it was in dual POV – both from Ivo and Brandy, it was better to understand how both characters are holding on, what they’re thinking and everything that is going on with them. It’s easy to like them and really hard to hate them – because despite the fact that I don’t agree with what they’re doing or what they’re saying – you’d understand (or try to). Because these characters already won you over since the first few chapters.

I loved it – the emotions that fills you, breaks you, and allow you to feel so much love and gives you hope. The message that it sends out to the readers across the globe, and the words – the dialogues are just beautiful and hits you right through your heart. With all the hullabaloos of how this book broke by heart, I might just forgot that this book has enough steam to ignite your sheets and there’s also that one awkward moment that had me smiling despite the dire circumstances.

Rating: 5 Stars

Ysa Arcangel is a Filipino author based in Manila. She works as a Spanish-English GDS Helpdesk by day and a writer by night. She is a loving partner to a chef and a mom to three amazing kids. 

She enjoys creative writing and uses her obsessive nature by writing contemporary paranormal and romance fiction with lots of laughs, tears and sighs showcasing sweet, funny and badass female leads with raunchy and hot male love interests whether human or supernatural.

She's a lover of coffee, tattoos, and giant dogs. She is also an extreme sports enthusiast. When she's not writing, you can see her spending time with her family, reading, or having TV series marathons.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram  |  Amazon

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