28 August 2015

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  Own Me by Lexi Scott 
Publication Date: August 17, 2015 
Also in this series: Risk Me 

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Own Me Cover

Genevieve Rodriguez’s life isn't panning out the way she’s always envisioned. At all. Not only is she exactly one “D” away from getting kicked out of school, but her heart is in pieces after her long-time crush marries someone else. For Genevieve, sunny Silver Strand has never felt more dismal.

Then Adam Abramowitz, her super-cute, super-smart physics tutor—who never seems to notice even her sexiest tops—tells her his Visa is about to expire and he’s going to have to return to Israel.

Suddenly the words pop out Genevieve's mouth before she can stop them. “Marry me.”

At first, it's a joke...until it's not. Because in that brief, unexpected moment, everything changes. The rules. The boundaries. And Adam and Genevieve are about to discover what happens when you push the limits.

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"Marry me and stay my best friend."
It started with an accidental marriage proposal, for convenience that is. Out of whim (or panic), the hottie Genevieve Rodriguez proposes marriage to her nerdy friend and tutor, Adam Abramowitz when he told him that his visa was about to expire and he has to return to Israel.

Being in Silver Strand has never made her so miserable. She never felt so lost. She was starting to move on, after losing her long-time crush got married to someone else, and  she was one “D” away from getting kicked out of school. Now, she finds out that her friend and tutor was about to get deported because of an expiring Visa.

It started out to be an idea, or more of a joke, until it was not. Until everything was starting to be tangible and was beginning to get real. Everything was changing between them, and in their lives. They were starting to grow not just as a couple, but individually. Both of them have their shortcomings and some moments where you want to smash their heads, but they worked hard to make their relationship work despite the differences and the circumstance that brought them together.

Gen was just adorable, a little lost at first and you’d think they won’t suit. But being with the nerdy Adam had allowed her to grow up and think beyond her needs. He was good for her. As for Adam, my heart will always have this huge space for nerdy geeks. He did his best to be the best husband to Gen. He did have some inadequacies but then he makes up for it quite nicely. You’d love every character you meet in OWN ME, not just Gen and Adam! Her family, Deo and most especially Deo’s mom, even the lady from the immigration office.  

It's fun, sweet and heartwarming. It’s not an extraordinary plot, but it’s the kind of book that you would never get tired of re-reading. Perfect for the stormy weather we have here right now, Lexi Scott (these two awesome authors) just made sure you this one would be unputdownable. 
"There's no equation that can express how much I love you, doll. No number. There are no limits."

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Lexi Scott

Lexi Scott is the combined forces of authors and best friends, Liz Reinhardt and Steph Campbell. Together, they write new adult and contemporary romance featuring strong, smart, feisty women and the swoony worthy, good guys who love them. The grew up on opposite coasts- one on the east, one of them on the west, but somehow, both ended up married and raising their families in the Southern U.S. They love traveling, good food, wine and hoarding books.

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