09 January 2015

Book Blitz, Book Review | Blind Passion by Bonnie Dee

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Through personal darkness, two strangers find their way to each another.

Leah Schaeffer has come a long way since an accident took her sight. She’s finally ready for independence, but convincing her wealthy parents she’ll be safe on her own isn’t easy. The first night in her own place at last, she encounters her neighbor with the midnight velvet voice and her world shifts again.

Since finishing a military tour, J.D. Wyatt has struggled both financially and emotionally. When Leah’s parents hire him to act as her bodyguard, he seizes the opportunity. The catch—she can’t know she’s being followed. As he grows closer to the intriguing woman and begins to have feelings for her, the burden of this secret grows heavier.

Although Leah and J.D. have suffered different types of trauma, their mutual understanding of each other’s pain bonds them. But their relationship, dependent on absolute trust, is rooted in lies which will detonate like an IED when exposed.

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Buy Link:
Amazon ➙ http://amzn.to/16Xcsbz

Both of them have their own personal issues, baggage, and a whole lot of past to deal with. Leah started from scratch since the first day she realized there would be no way she would gain her sight once again. But she had made a long way since then. She was ready to live alone, now if she can only convince her parents.

After series of talks and pleads, she finally gained their approval, and on her first day, she met her new neighbor with a voice that made her world not the same again.

J.D. Wyatt had served the military, and now, he was on his own and is struggling financially and emotionally. When Leah's parents hired him to be her sort-of-bodyguard without the former knowing, he took the opportunity. But the more time he spent with her, the more they get closer, and the secret was just too much to bear. He was lying by omission, and lying nonetheless

He wasn't good enough for her, and she wouldn't let herself be a 'burden' for him. Tough issues to deal with, not to mention all those secrets that J.D. is keeping from Leah. Will their love be enough?

These were REAL frustrations coming off Leah, real emotions, real doubts of a person who had lost her sight. So I completely understand her, and where she's coming from, or at least I try. Her issues with honesty as well. Who would like being lied to? Certainly not me. It was understandable, why she decided to put a space between her and J.D. As for J.D., I think he needed to heal himself first before he decided to jump into a relationship. He has some serious issues he needed to work on. 

Nevertheless, there were two secondary characters which caught my attention and will be featured in the next book of the series. They had me laughing and grinning the first time they met, and I couldn't wait for their turn.

Blind Passion is a short, nice read. It has enough drama, enough steam and just enough romance to keep you glued to your readers. I like that it ended with a happy-ever-after and with some issues still needed for the couple to work on to. 

I began telling stories as a child. Whenever there was a sleepover, I was the designated ghost tale teller. I still have a story printed on yellow legal paper in second grade about a ghost, a witch and a talking cat.

I enjoy reading stories about people damaged by life who find healing with a like-minded soul. When I couldn't find enough books to suit my taste, I began to write them.

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  1. Thanksfor hosting and reviewing Blind Passion. Dangerous Passion will be out sooner than expected. I'll keep you posted.