14 August 2013

The Dirty Secrets of Markham Savoy by C.C. Dalton - Book Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

Re-Release: August 6th 2013
Author: C.C. Dalton
Publisher: Twist Literary
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Even though he safeguards the secrets of his classmates, Markham wouldn't be caught dead sharing his own, and he never lets romantic entanglements get the best of him. But when Piper Harrington marches into his life, he’s forced to give her something in exchange for her cooperation in his schemes--his very own Colebrook Confession. And that's not the only time Piper brings out an unexpected side of himself.  
Will the dirty secrets of Markham Savoy be his crowning glory...or his undoing?

It reminded me of...

The Dirty Secrets of Markhan Savoy is the first installment of the Colebrook Academy Series. Here we are introduced to Markham, who can make anything possible for the students of Colebrook Academy. Of course, the favors are not for free, they come with a price. A favor for a favor – sounds fair. Sounds a little bit of unrealistic for high school – how can these people be able to manipulate others at this age?!

He was a master manipulator and I hated his ego. The only thing that I like about him is he takes care of people close to him – like his sister and his best friend. The town-scene also gave readers a glimpse of what he could be like outside the portals of the school – it was highly unlike him, but I found it cute. It shows that he too has a heart.

We also met Piper, his ultimate dream girl, someone who is out of his reach. She was intelligent, responsible, a good girl – his total opposite (or not!).  They have already crossed paths, and she didn’t seem to like him. But when an opportunity arise for them to bump into each other more often, he took the opportunity without any second thoughts.

This is just the first part of the four-book series told in several points of view by the students of Colebrook. This one is short but enough to get your head into the series. Like me, I’m sure you would be curious as to what is going to happen next.


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