14 January 2015

Book Tour, Book Review | Caught in the Act by Kim Law

Catherine Davenport Carlton needs a break. After dedicating her life to her political-minded family, shocking scandals from the past have shaken her to her core. Summer in the quiet town of Dyersport, Maine, is just what she needs, especially with a super-hot neighbor right next door…who’s none other than Brody Hollister, the boy she fell in love with as a teen. Cat wants nothing more than to pick up right where they left off eighteen years ago, but she’s still haunted by a terrible secret that could devastate Brody.

Brody Hollister spent years pining over Cat Davenport. They met young and loved passionately—until she disappeared from his life. Now she’s back, as spirited and beautiful as ever. But while Brody is determined to help Cat free herself from her family’s drama, his own family may be hiding something that could ruin their rekindled romance for good.

In Book Two of the Davenports romance series, sex and politics collide…with passionate results.

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After her family allowed her to learn of its secret, Cat decided she needed a break - from politics, from her family, from everyone. She wanted time for herself, a time to relax, and perhaps ogle the man that jogs in front of her rental in Maine.

Her whole life has been about her family but the scandal has been the last straw. She finally decided to take the much-needed reprieve. What she didn't expect was to come across once again with Brody Hollister - the boy she fell in love with when she was sixteen. She wanted nothing but to pick right off where they have left, but there was that big knife hanging above them. The secret that she has been keeping from him that could devastate him.

But it wasn't just Cat, Brody has his own shares of secrets too. They have met and fell in love when they were younger, she was his first love but she disappeared from her life. Now, she was back, and there was no way of letter her go. He was determined to have Cat enjoy her life, and free herself from the dictates of her mother and her family. But he too has some family drama , and it may ruin what they are starting to have.

A book filled with intrigues, secrets, political scandal, family drama and a whole lot of hotness. This is quite long, but no dull moments in between. Kim Law made sure, she had one bomb right after the other that would keep her readers interested. There were so many twists, so many surprises to count, that will keep the readers on the edge of their seats. You wouldn't know who's the real enemy, who is lying to whom. Nevertheless, every heartache was worth it when all was finally revealed. 

This one is worth reading. I enjoyed it immensely.


Caught on Camera (#1: Vega & JP)
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Kim Law
As a child, Kim Law cultivated a love for chocolate, anything purple, baton twirling, and creative writing. She penned her debut work, “The Giant Talking Raisin,” in the sixth grade and got hooked on the delights of creating stories. Before settling into the writing life, however, she earned a college degree in mathematics and then worked as a computer programmer while also raising her son. Now she’s pursuing her lifelong dream of writing romance novels; she has won the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award, has been a finalist for the prestigious RWA RITA Award, and currently serves as president for her local RWA chapter. Kim is the author of Caught on Camera, Sugar Springs, and the Turtle Island novels, Ex on the Beach and Hot Buttered Yum. A native of Kentucky, she lives with her husband in Middle Tennessee.

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