03 November 2014

Book Review | Happiness in Jersey by Jacinta Howard


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The only thing in Jersey Kincaid’s world that she has time for are keeping her grades up so that she doesn’t lose her scholarship to South Texas University, playing the bass in her band, The Prototype, and satisfying her coffee addiction. Oh, and the occasional random hook-up she indulges in to pass the time.

Love? Eh, not so much. Save that crap for a Katherine Heigl or Natalie Portman movie.

Jersey’s seen enough in life (courtesy of her Pops) to realize that undying romance is nothing more than a myth used to sell books and movie tickets. As she knows too well, the only thing inevitable in life is death— love is definitely not promised.

That’s why when Jersey meets Isaiah “Zay” Broussard with his soulful gray eyes, quick wit and easy charm, she’s determined to remain aloof. She doesn't have time to get sidetracked by fleeting fantasies, even if she does feel an unexplainable connection to Zay she’s never experienced before.

But when his interest in her only seems to intensify, despite her attempts to brush him off, she gets to see a side of him and herself she didn’t expect…

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Jersey wasn’t easily likable because of her baggage and issues in life – but she’ll win you over. She puts on the tough-girl persona, but deep inside she’s a little girl who’s desperate to feel that she belonged. No thanks to her father who drinks and calls her to berate her . She didn’t believe in love, you can’t blame her for it. I was watching her cover-up and ran away from each possible emotion. She had no one except for her best friend Devin – and I love their relationship. He knows her – he takes care of her in his own way, and he didn’t cross THAT line.

So basically her life revolves on hooking up, playing bass with her band, The Prototype, working in a coffee shop and trying her best not to lose her scholarship in school. It was a cycle – until those gray eyes came into her view and got her insides in a twist. She wasn’t use to this kind of turmoil, so she hesitated. But this guy was persistent, and determined. She can feel sparks, but she’d die first before admitting it to anyone. Little did she know that there was more to him than what meets the eye. They share the same type of grief, the pain of losing someone, but they were coping differently.

You will adore Zay! He was the type of man who knows what he wants, knows how to get it, but didn’t have to be all-alpha about it. Like Devin, he knew exactly what she needed and when she needed it. Every time that he does something for her – I was like: Do you want him or no? Because I WANT THIS GUY! He was almost perfect! He’s hot, he’s thoughtful, he can play any instruments, and he knows which buttons to push.

I hated her, I loved her, I hated her, I loved her. I have the epitome of a love-hate relationship with Jersey since it all started. I didn’t expect to like this novel THAT much, more so, LOVED it totally. Jersey’s journey towards her HEA was a little tough, with a whole lot of tumbles along the way, a sprinkle of mistakes, and a whole dash of romance with an amazing guy.

I must say, I just found another favorite! Jacinda Howard wrote a well-written, unputdownable read that will have you captivated in no time. Emotions were all over the place, you’re going to love it and hate it at the same time. Jersey knows how to push you with a little effort on her part until you have no choice but to love her.  At the end of the novel, I must say, I did found Happiness in Jersey!


to summarize my rants...
loved it!

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