04 October 2011

The OC's Lists of Almost Anything: 10 nice things I couldn't live without

10 nice things i couldn’t live without

My Blackberry
Okay, it’s over a year old and without a WIFI but my aunt gave this to me and I adore it. I love that I can store MOBI ebooks on my phone and read it about anywhere.

What is the used of my blackberry if I still need a pen? I am a freak- I already told you that. I need my own pen when I am in the bank or filling up some forms. I hate to use the public pens which anyone’s hand just touched. Not to mention, writing has always been my passion. Sometimes, I could think a little slow, I write. If I think fast, of course, either I input it on my BB or better yet, type it on my desktop

I always carry at least one paperback on my bag – not hardbound (NO WAY!). Just in case my cell phone loses all its battery and I am stranded in a middle of nowhere waiting for friends. Of course, the books on my shelf. I am not selfish, really, I just chose people who borrow my personal collection. They would always expect a discussion on how to take care of it. It looks new when you took it out of my shelf, it should look the same when you put it back – AND YOU SHOULD!

Celestamine Tablet
I have tons of allergies, must be long as Santa’s List. Since masarap ang bawal, I tend to tempt myself to eat some and then just drink an anti-histamine tablet after. Take note: I do not do this all the time, it’s just when the temptation is too great to resist. (e.g. shrimp, crabs – yum yum!)

I work online, so in order to buy myself a new books I must keep my computer alive – no matter what.

My License
It is a valid ID and well, it is a constant reminder, that I am STILL a nurse.

I don’t fix my hair that much. Yes, despite the fact that I diagnosed myself as OC, I am not vain. Vanity is not one of my favorite sins. I need my headband to keep my hair off my eyes. I usually placed it beside my bed or on top of my CPU.

Time is gold. It’s a birthday gift from my mother during my graduation from college. I still have it and its still working. Not only it tells time, it helps me tell which one is my left and my right. Hahahaha. Kidding!

Lip Balm
A little vanity wouldn’t hurt. Lol. It’s not really about vanity (seriously! I’m not rationalizing. Its more about the weird feeling of tasting blood because my lips are too dry)

I have it hanging beside my bag. I couldn’t leave the house without it.

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