24 October 2011

The OC's Lists of Almost Anything: 10 movies I'd love to watch over and over again

I am not a movie person, although there are movies I'd love to watch over and over again such as these films. 

1. Lake House
I love this movie because of the plot, it is something different from the usual romantic flicks I watched. It is out of the ordinary and a nice ending. 

2. Harry Potter 1 & 7 Part 2
We all have seen Radcliffe and the rest of the gang grew up on the big screen. The first movie, although deviated from the book is nice, I love the old Dumbledore. 

The effects of the last movie were as magical as I could have ever dreamed. I like this maybe because I knew this was the last movie I could ever watch the HP gang: Harry, Ron and Hermione. 

3. Transformers (Dark Side of the Moon)
I'm glad Fox was out of the picture. I just didn't like her. Couldn't imagine until now how Even Steven grow up to be a hunk.

4. Time Traveler's Wife
I watched the movie prior to reading the book, so I appreciated it quite well. I like the time-travelling thingie and the genetic disorder explanation - although I don't think it exists - it's more interesting than a time machine

5. He's Just Not That Into You
It's a wake up call for everyone who is blinded by love. 

6. X-Men
Hugh Jackman is hot! Of course, its all about the special effects and all those mutant superpowers I secretly wish to have. 

7. Angels & Demons
The places I wanted to see! Robert Langdon is so smart I wanted to have his brain for a minute or two. I love the chase and suspense. Although I hate what they did to the screenplay, I guess the effects were worth it. 

8. Shark's Tale
It's a funny and heartwarming animation. I adore a vegetarian shark.

9. Iron Man
Tony Sparks is my man! He's sarcastic, funny, intelligent and rich. 

10. Pirates of the Caribbean
Depp entertains me as Sparrow. The movie is not just fun to watch, but it is action pack that will leave you off your seat. 

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