28 January 2018

BOOK REVIEW | Ryan's Bed by Tijan (@TijanBooks)

Ryan's Bed by Tijan

Purchase Link: http://amzn.to/2DJJAVd

I crawled into Ryan Jensen’s bed that first night by accident.

I barely knew him. I thought it was his sister’s bed—her room. It took seconds to realize my error, and I should've left...
I didn’t. I didn’t jump out. I didn’t get embarrassed.
I relaxed.
And that night, in that moment, it was the only thing I craved.

I asked to stay. He let me, and I slept.

The truth? I never wanted to leave his bed. If I could've stayed forever, I would have.
He became my sanctuary.

Because—four hours earlier—my twin sister killed herself.

** Standalone full-length novel, Mature YA themes

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Have you ever read something so emotionally-packed, so moving, and a mind-blowing ending you just couldn't wait to write something about it or tell someone about this book?

It is an emotional rollercoaster ride that will make you hold on to your readers. It was beautifully written that you wouldn't know what to expect. Just as when you thought that you know everything, Tijan will surprise you with something that will take off your balance again.

I have read great reviews about this book, and I thought all the while it was all raves and all that, but no. The reviews were right, this was epic. So epic that my heart is crushed and my senses is overwhelmed with emotions. There were so many things that this book tackled - it was written so sensitively, so tact, and so real - that feelings were flowing in the pages. It would open your eyes to a whole lot of things that you thought you knew. Tijan made sure that she would make you experience every single emotion that Mac is feeling. You are reading in Mac's POV, you are inside her brain, inside her heart and it's killing your for a while. And then, watching her character grow and getting on with her life gives you some relief, and makes you happy only to be surprised again. 

You have to get your hearts ready, or your mind - because this book - I couldn't explain how amazing, or great, or wonderful it is. It's painful, but it's an eye-opener. It's heartbreaking, but it's beautiful. It's a tear-jerker, but it's moving. This is more than just a love story.

Well-written, emotion-filled and full of unexpected. Tijan gives us a wonderful rollercoaster ride wrapped in a beautiful cover.

Purchase Link: http://amzn.to/2Eikwpv

Rating: 6 STARS 

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