13 January 2018

Book Review | My Enemy Next Door by Nicole London Whitney G.

We used to be close.
We used to be best friends.
Until we became enemies all over again...

Courtney Ryan ruined our on and off again friendship with one swipe of her sexy, red pen. After the final rude message she wrote in my yearbook, I decided that we didn't need to see each other anymore. (But if we ever did, I would show her exactly why I had every reason to be "cocky," and make her admit that I really *was* "that damn sexy.")

Now that it's ten years later, I've graduated from law school at the top of my class, and I'm being recruited to work at the number one law firm in New York City.

Since I'm in desperate need of a change and want to meet new people, I don't hesitate to accept the offer.

Until I find out that Courtney Ryan graduated from law school, too.
Until I realize that she'll be working at the same exact firm, in the office right across from me.

And if this timing isn't unfortunate enough, she's far more tempting and sexier than I originally remembered.
(Oh, and last night I found out that she lives right next door...)

We don't have to be close.
We don't have to be best friends.
But she's going to pay me back for making us enemies all over again...

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Courtney and Jace had an amazing past that you'd envy, but didn't really end well. Years later, their paths have crossed once again - both of them successful lawyers, and are supposed to help each other for a certain case. Only question is that, can they set aside the past for their "professional" relationship to work?

It was fun reading their pranks. Most of them were somewhat juvenile, and made me laugh. They were trying to get into each other's skin - you'd wonder who would give in first. But the tension was already there. It was palpable, and seething, and I was just on the edge of my seat waiting for one of them to finally snap. When it finally did, it was worth the wait and I was just glad that they were able to learn the real story about their past.

You'd like the both of them. When they are not fighting - both of them are smart and nice. And the back story of the two is just as sweet. Who would have known Jace had it in him. 

It's short and sexy. Something that you'd want to go on and on, but unfortunately - happily ever after is already there. Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading it. 

Rating: 4/5

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