21 August 2016

ARC Review | Kissing The Enemy by Helena Newbury (@HelenaAuthor)

The #1 bestseller. Standalone romance: no cliffhanger!

He's New York's most feared mob boss. She's the niece of a Russian Mafia kingpin.
Angelo - From the first time I see Irina dance, I can't get her out of my head. She's an ice princess with an accent that makes me crazy and a body that makes me want to do bad things to her. Then I discover she's the niece of my greatest enemy.

Irina - From the first moment Angelo looks at me, I'm helpless. He's blood and fire and red-hot lust. I run: he chases me down. I put up ice: he melts right through. Then I discover who he is. Being together is unthinkable: I'd be betraying my family; he'd be betraying the mob. But neither of us can fight the attraction. And when our relationship sparks a war that threatens to tear New York apart, we may be the only two people who can stop it.

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Angelo was mesmerized by Irina the moment he saw her dance. His world stopped, as is his heart and all he could see was her. He wanted her in every way, and he would do everything to have her, until he discovers the fact that she was the niece of his greatest enemy.

Irina just wanted to run away from it all – she wanted to embrace a new life. The one that is peaceful and where she can just enjoy her dance. But you can never really run away from family, can you? Her life was pretty much school, until she meets Angelo. It wasn’t that simple though. They were opposites, and their family was far from being friends. Their relationship might spark a war that threatens the streets of New York. But perhaps, they can make it stop. Can their love be strong enough to stop it? Or would they allow it to destroy their love?

I like Irina’s positivity, and her outlook in life besides growing up with her family. She was willing to risk everything, just to have the peace that she wished for a long time. Their road to their HEA wasn’t easy. There were a lot of hurdles, betrayal and pain. But Irina was positive they could do it. Together, they can be able to stop what is thought to be inevitable.

Surprising, and jaw-dropping twists, and unexpected actions coming from the characters makes this book at total page-turner. This modern Romeo and Juliet tale with a touch of Mafia on the sides kept me awake until the wee hours of the morning. Who wouldn’t? The heart-stopping, panty-melting, action/romance/steam-packed novel just came in my Kindle, and I just couldn’t help but turn from one page to another.

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