13 March 2013

Lazy Wednesdays

It's my first Lazy Wednesday Post.

So Why Wednesday

This is the most important part of my week!

It's my day off!! - If I'm lucky, I get to have Thursday.
But then, again, luck is seldom on our side considering we are under staff at work.

Anyway what am I doing on my day off??
SLEEP - because it's a luxury
READ - because it's a way of life
EAT - because it's a necessity. 

and not to mention, stalking my shelves or feeding my Kindle.

This week, I might say that the best things in life are free!!

Because I got On An Edge of Glass 
by Autumn Doughton
for free over Amazon :)

This one too!! 
Elizabeth Reyes' Noah

For now, allow me to read this and just set aside my
TBR list...


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