20 February 2013

Book Review: Highlander Most Wanted by Maya Banks

Maya Banks

Title: Highlander Most Wanted
Author: Maya Banks
Series: The Montgomerys & Armsstrongs #2
Source: Netgalley
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In Highlander Most Wanted, a reclusive woman content to live in the shadows shows a Highland warrior the true meaning of love.   
Genevieve McInnes is locked behind the fortified walls of McHugh Keep, captive of a cruel laird who takes great pleasure in ruining her for any other man. Yet when Bowen Montgomery storms the gates on a mission of clan warfare, Genevieve finds that her spirit is bent but not broken. Still, her path toward freedom remains uncertain. Unable to bear the shame of returning to a family that believes her dead or to abandon others at the keep to an imposing new laird, Genevieve opts for the peaceful life of an abbess. But Bowen’s rugged sensuality stirs something deep inside her that longs to be awakened by his patient, gentle caress—something warm, wicked, and tempting.  
Bowen seizes his enemy’s keep, unprepared for the brooding and reclusive woman who captures his heart. He’s enchanted by her fierce determination, her unusual beauty, and her quiet, unfailing strength. But wooing her will take more than a seasoned seducer’s skill. For loving Genevieve, he discovers, means giving her back the freedom that was stolen from her—even if it means losing her forever.


There were worse things than death, as she'd discovered. Sometimes living took far more courage. Facing another day. Enduring. Those things took strength. Far more than dying. 

Bullying, The Highlander Way
Genevieve McInnis came from one of the powerful clans from the lowlands, but when Ian McHugh abducted her while on the way to her betrothed, her nightmare was just getting started. For one year, she had suffered things that a young lady who had been sheltered by her parents her whole life. It was not just Ian who made unthinkable things to her, but including the whole clan. Ian allowed it, encouraged it. No one championed her. She suffered enough abuse- but it didn't break her. She remained steadfast: and this is what I admire most about her. For a lady who had been pampered, to experience this kind of suffering would probably give up. But Genevieve did not - she carried on and when finally the Montgomerys and Armstrongs came to them, she was filled with hope. She wished to go to an abbey, live a peaceful life in there rather than coming back to her family and bringing them shame once they learned that Ian made her into his whore.

Bowen Montomery was surprised in seeing that it was a lady under the hood who had helped them in finding Evaline when she was once held captive.

She presented such an image of loveliness and tragedy that his breath caught in his throat. 

He likes her spirit, her beauty regardless of the scar and her courage in facing the demons in her midst. He promised her protection, the moment he knew what she has been through, but can he still do the same once her secret is revealed? It was done out of sheer desperation. But actions have consequences and she was about to be facing hers.

Yet, he was found himself drawn to her. How can he show her that she was worth it? That she can be worthy of anything good, especially love coming from him? It wasn't an easy task ahead of him, earning her trust, risking his family's reactions regarding her, but nothing good is ever easy, or worth it.

To End ♥
Genevieve did what she thought could save her from Ian's clutches, she did things she was not proud of to mitigate her actions. There are times that we do things we don't know we care capable of because we are desperate. Despite all of it, I still love and admire her spirit. Only the strongest spirit could survive what she has been through. It is hope that ignites the spirit and once it is present, one could survive the bleakest of times.

Favorite Quotes:

  • You speak of dishonor and of dying with honor over living with shame. There is no greater dishonor than choosing loyalty based on what it loses or gains me. 
  • We are friends no matter where you go from here. 'Tis the way friendship works.
  • Nothing good is ever easy. Or worth it.
  • If I did such a good thing, why does it feel as though my heart has been torn from my chest?
About The Author
Maya Banks
Maya Banks

Maya Banks lives in Texas with her husband, three children and assortment of cats. When she's not writing, she can be found hunting, fishing or playing poker. A southern girl born and bred, Maya loves life below the Mason Dixon, and more importantly, loves bringing southern characters and settings to life in her stories.

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Thank you Netgalley and Ballantine Books for providing me an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

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