26 June 2012

Book Review: Saving You, Saving Me

Book Details:
Author: Kailin Gow
Format: Kindle

Sam never thought she would fall for the one mysterious guy she has been speaking to over the phone for months, the boy the counselors called Daggers. She wasn't supposed to talk to him outside of their sessions. But as she began to peel the layers of Daggers and learn who he is, the one boy she is supposed to be saving, might just be the one who is saving her.

Review Grade:2/5

If you have read the Fifty Shades Trilogy prior to reading Saving You, Saving Me - you are in for a BIG HUGE (or whatever superlative you can attach to this) disappointment.

This is my first Kailin Gow novel and it is sad that I didn't like it. I love the Fifty Shades Trilogy - and this book was a poor imitation of it. I don't need to hide the spoilers for those who have read EL Jame's novel. But for those who don't okay I will... 


Anna & Christian = Fifty Shades Trilogy
Sam & Collin = Saving You, Saving Me

Here are some of the similarities you can find in both books:
1. Collin is much older than Sam - not really cradle snatching. Sam is 18, Collin is 24. Just like Christian and Anna!
2. Collin is VERY rich at a very young age. He owns his own record company. Christian was filthy rich too, right? Well, he owns a lot of company and not just one.
3. THE CONTRACT Okay, their contract was a lot shorter than that of the Fifty Shades, and of course there was some weird clause in the SYSM (Saving You, Saving Me) contract but it won't surpass what EL James wrote for Fifty Shades Trilogy (FST).
4. I hated Anna because she annoys me, but I hated Sam more because she was overly dramatic. Really, how many times would you waste your tears for something petty? argh!
5. Collin is troubled - didn't have a very nice childhood not to mention he has problems with his mother. Sounds very familiar, right? Didn't Christian had a not-so-nice childhood as well? This has caused his unusual sexual preferences.
6. Sam's licking her lips which affected Collin a lot
7. Sam described Collin as multi-layered!

1. Anna's family were very supportive of her, Sam's wasn't. She has troubles with her family as well. Her mom was an alcoholic and her dad was a pastor. So, connect the dots!
2. It was Collin who broke up with Sam. Anna was the one who broke up with Christian on the end of the first book.

On The Other Hand... 
If the Fifty Shades Trilogy is filled with Kinky F*ckery & out of this world sex - in Saving You, Saving Me there was no sex - just a whole lot of Make-Out. 

it's not that ALL BAD ...
The only thing I like about this novel that it is centered on a call center that caters problematic youth

i just wish... 
That this similarities will stay on the first book and the second book will be a little or way more different.  

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